5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Alarm Systems

Yes, alarm systems can leave you with some serious ringing in your ear. And, sure, they don’t really find a place on your average day. However, they’re a lifesaver, sometimes literally, when you need them the most. To ensure full functionality, it’s recommended that you get a professional to install one.

Alarms do a lot more than just ward off home invaders, though. They’re a worthy investment for a wide variety of reasons. Ahead, you’ll find five reasons why they’re more useful than you think.

Prevents Crime

This might seem like an obvious reason, as most families buy alarm systems to help stop criminals from breaking and entering. Besides stealing goods, money, and other items of sentimental value, break-ins can put everyone in the house at risk. An alarm system with specific settings reduces this possibility drastically.

They usually have two modes. These take into consideration whether you’re at home or out and about. An Arm Stay & Arm Away blog post from Alarm Grid goes into detail on how each separate setting can better protect you and your family. 

According to the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation, around 60% of burglars avoid homes upon discovering they have an alarm system. This is because, with the arm stay mode activated, the alarm will go off when it detects any entrance from outside the house.

Camera Access

Without delving too deep into how technology evolved, it’s good to mention that some alarm installations allow you to monitor your home while away. This is possible via mobile devices and computers. Cameras take this to another level; you can see exactly how the dog keeps grabbing snacks from the kitchen or catch the kids making a mess.

Remote Activation and Access

Do you often leave the house and forget to set the alarm? No problem. Apps and mobile browsers let you control it in real-time. Turning it on while at the market or on vacation isn’t the only advantage. You can track any activity on motion sensors, check if the doorbell rings, and much more.

You can use some systems to turn the lights and a television on to simulate the presence of people at home. This is an added bonus shown to deter criminals. It’s especially useful when activated at night when most intruders prefer to break and enter.

For some systems, you can adjust the settings to notify you when anything important occurs.

Fire and Gas Safety

Many forget to install, check, or replace the batteries for fire detectors. There are alarm systems that can take these frustrations off your hands. Some include both fire and gas leak detection. Installing one can keep you from forming part of the 430 carbon monoxide deaths or 3,500 fire deaths per year.

Lowers Homeowners Insurance

This is one of the most surprising benefits that come with an alarm system. While you’re most likely going to pay a monthly sum for this added protection, it’ll have a huge impact on your homeowner’s insurance. In some cases, this payment is reduced by 20%. That’s a huge chunk just for better protecting you and your family. 

Surprisingly Beneficial

Setting aside the obvious, the added benefits from an alarm system take saving lives to another level. It’s these extra details that provide peace of mind for almost any emergency. 

Lower homeowner’s insurance, fire and gas detection, remotely accessible cameras, and overall higher levels of safety are too much to turn the other cheek to. After taking into consideration these factors, consider installing an alarm system as soon as possible.

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