5 Products To Help You Have a Bit of Fun With Your Self-care Routine

In even its simplest state, self-care should be something you enjoy. From skincare to meditation, the intention behind your me-time, at least in part, should be that it simply feels good. To take this pleasure a step further, though, there‘s a particular type of enjoyment you deserve—the feeling of having fun. A few concepts—and products that make realizing them easier—can ensure that your self-care routine is a little more entertaining. 

Appease your inner child. 


You may have heard the term “inner child” used about those recovering from childhood trauma or abuse. However, there’s no need for a tragic backstory to take advantage of the benefits that come from nurturing your inner child. For example, you might be feeling burnt out and considering CBD as a potential relief. So, with your doctor’s go-ahead, you start searching your CBD options, landing on CBD edibles as a good fit for you. In this case, you might consider CBD lollipops as a way to enjoy the benefits of CBD while offering a bit of nostalgic fun to the little one hiding inside of you. Each time you pull out a CBD sucker, you get a taste of delight from your lollipop alongside the boost that CBD brings. 

Create a sensory experience. 


When you sit down to practice your self-care routine, your setting can craft the way you’ll feel in the process, not to mention the effectiveness of your regimen in this instance. Work to ensure your self-care efforts are utilizing as many of your senses as possible. Products infused with essential oils are a great way to add the often overlooked sense, scent, as well as emphasize your intention for this self-care session. Radha Beauty is one brand that offers skincare products, hair and body products, and straight oils that can transform your existing routine into one that‘s invigorating, refreshing, or calming, depending on your desires. 

Find a furry friend. 


Of course, you don’t want to adopt a new pet every time you work on self-care. If you can access a feline friend or canine companion of your own or through a friend, you’ll find that these creatures can upgrade your self-care with a sense of connection and calm. Even those without a pet of their own or one to borrow can reap these benefits. Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter or even embarking on a side hustle as a dog walker or pet sitter. Spending a short time with an animal and their unconditional love can help you enhance your overall self-care efforts. 

Opt for something unconventional. 


When you‘re first starting a self-care routine, you’ll find an assortment of suggestions are unavoidable and insistent. But what if bubble baths aren’t enjoyable for you? Instead, ask yourself: what makes you, specifically, feel good? Your self-care regimen doesn’t have to mimic the most popular list of activities or products. Do you love nothing more than getting a new tattoo? That’s a type of self-care in and of itself. Do you genuinely get joy from your skincare ritual? That counts, too. 

Make it an everyday affair. 


The best self-care routine will be something that doesn’t just give you the chance to have fun every once in a while. At the very least, try to incorporate one moment of happiness in each day. It might be a cup of green tea or a particularly ripe strawberry. Your daily life will become inherently more enjoyable by adding at least a moment of joy to every day. 

From CBD to essential oils, there’s no formula that creates the perfect self-care routine. Instead, the key to a fun form of self-care is finding options that are fun for you—not what someone else thinks will make you happy. 

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