5 Habits to Keeping a Clean Workspace

There are countless benefits that you are expected to gain by maintaining a clean workspace. A clean workspace provides a safe working environment and helps you achieve a high level of productivity. It allows you to work through your tasks smoothly without worrying about the state of the workspace. Check out this post on the factors that affect pricing for commercial cleaning services.

What does it take to maintain a clean workspace? Is it a challenge to keep a workspace clean?

Let’s find out…

There are a few practical habits that you need to acquire to keep a clean workspace. Practising these daily habits can lessen the amount of junk that you will be facing at the end of the day.

Here are 5 habits that can help maintain a clean workspace as recommended by Adriana Aziz, operations manager at

#1 Clean as You Go

Clean as soon as you find clutter in your workspace. Do not ignore the shreds of paper on your desk or on the floor. Toss it in the rubbish bin as soon as you can. Liquid spills, dropped foodstuff and broken items need quick attention. It can cause accidents if ignored, which may lead to injuries and prevent you from working. Recovery and spending on medication is another part of the story. Implementing the “Clean as You Go” policy on yourself enables you to take action quickly when it is needed. It minimises clutter and allows you to work without any hassle. 

#2 Clean Up Before Leaving

Do not leave the workspace untidy. Coming to work the next day with a disorganised workspace brings out a negative feeling which is considered a distraction. Disinfect the workspace at the end of the day. Use a microfiber wipe to get rid of dirt and dust on the tabletop, drawers and cabinets. Reorganise the drawers, desks and papers on the table before leaving. Shred the documents that are not needed and throw it in the bin. Gather all the trash and empty the rubbish bin. Take a last glance before leaving to ensure that everything is neat and ready for the next day.

#3 Avoid Eating on Your Work Desk

Eating lunches and take-outs are quite common in an office setting. You need to be aware that food crumbles and spill goes into the work table and computer keyboard unknowingly. It attracts small insects which could bring discomfort while you are working. Food crumbs eventually break down and turn to harmful bacteria which pose a significant threat to your health. Go to designated cafeterias or coffee shops to grab a bite while at work. Anyway, a breath of fresh air and different surrounding for having lunch can uplift the mood while working. It refreshes your mind and helps you regain energy to finish your tasks for the entire day. 

#4 Organise

Learn to organise your office by investing in organisers, cabinets and drawers. It can maximise space which allows you to move freely in the workspace. If you have too much stuff, you may also consider using plastic containers for storage. Organise your things using a system that will allow you to find the things that you are looking for easily. Put the items or documents that you regularly need on a similar drawer or storage to avoid digging on random drawers. If you have free time, you should consider going through all of your documents and separate the ones that are not needed anymore. On a side note, go paperless if you want to reduce waste in the office. There are loads of online storage where you can upload documents for free. 

#5 Have your own cleaning supplies 

It does not hurt to have your own cleaning supplies such as wipes, feather duster, disinfectant spray, trash bags, soap and alcohol. It reminds you to clean up the mess quickly. Plus, you don’t have to bother the utility service, in case of a minor coffee spill. Put the cleaning supplies in a separate drawer where you can reach it quickly. Always have the hand sanitiser, alcohol and tissue ready on your table. 

Why should you keep your workspace clean?

A clean workspace is one of the best plans towards a successful career and business. It gives health and safety assurances, which enables everyone to work hard and contribute to the success of the company.  

A clean workspace is beneficial to everyone’s state of mind. It reduces stress and the anxiety level which allows everyone to focus and become productive. It also improves work relationships which makes the working environment more relaxed and less stressful.

A clean workspace depicts how you work. It communicates professionalism, responsibility, efficiency and power. At times, it also promotes the business without you noticing.

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