5 Backpack Spraying Tips

Gardening is a popular pastime, and even those who have just a small yard or outside space find it is much more attractive with flowers on display. A tidy and attractive garden is a welcome addition to any home, and if you have a lawn, keep it neat and tidy, and it will add value to your property should you come to sell. 

If you’re a newcomer, here are some useful gardening tips for beginners that may also serve as reminders for the more experienced, as there can be a lot to remember!

In every garden, there are problems to be dealt with, and these may range from pests to plant diseases and more. Even a long period of hot and dry weather can be a problem as plants, including the lawn, need water on a regular basis. 

For the treatment of pests and diseases, it may be necessary to spray the plants with certain chemical solutions. The most convenient method of spraying is to use a backpack sprayer. If you’re not familiar with these, have a look here for information on the best models. 

We’ve got five very handy tips for you if you’re new to using a backpack sprayer, and here they are!

1. Always Follow the Dilution Instructions

Nowadays, the chemicals used in garden pesticides are strictly regulated. There are many such products you can choose from to use in your backpack sprayer, and we recommend you talk to the experts at your local garden center or store for information. 

If you have pets, you need to know that the chemicals are safe for them or if they need to be kept away from the solution. The solution itself will need to be diluted with water. Always follow the instructions and stick to the right quantity, and never be tempted to add more.

2. Set Your Nozzle Rate

The backpack sprayer will come with an adjustable nozzle that manages the range of the spray. If you are spraying only specific plants, this should be set narrow, but for all-over spraying, set it wider. 

Don’t go too broad, or you will simply waste the solution, and as the best ones can be quite expensive, you don’t want waste. Try it with water first and get used to the adjustment.

3. Walk Backwards 

This may sound like odd advice, but when we explain, you’ll see it makes a lot of sense. The sprayer is, after all, spraying chemicals that you want to come into contact with as little as possible. If you spray walking forwards, you will be walking through the mist that the spray creates. 

If you walk backward while spraying, you are moving away from the cloud constantly. Make sure you check for obstacles behind you and in your path, so you know what is there, and you’ll find this the most sensible way of using a backpack sprayer. 

4. Wear PPE

Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when using a sprayer with chemicals. While the solution may not be particularly harmful, it is still not advisable to get it in your eyes, so wear goggles. 

Some users may be sensitive to chemicals on the skin, so gloves should also be worn. This is simply common sense, yet it is easy to forget to put your goggles on and end up with painfully sore eyes! Do this first before you start to fill the sprayer, and you’ll have everything covered.

5. Be Sensible and Careful

A backpack sprayer is not a dangerous piece of equipment, but the spray coming from it can be. Don’t fool around with it as it is a serious piece of equipment, and never let children use it except under strict supervision. 

Also, it is recommended you store it out of reach of children – this applies to the solution also – and flush it clean at the end of a season’s use, ready for next year.

The backpack sprayer is a very handy piece of equipment and is also useful for spraying water where a hosepipe may not reach. Check out the review we showed you and find one that suits your budget, and you’ll find dealing with pests on your rose bed or other plants much easier.

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