4 Ways to Become a Professional Minimalist

We often think of minimalism on the small-scale, personal level. For individuals, it can mean anything from getting rid of excess clutter to coming back to yourself and moving away from the pull of meaningless stuff. Some people even give it all away to live in a tiny house or travel for a living. 

But did you know though that several careers have minimalism at their core?

If you are interested in this lifestyle and want to integrate it into your professional and personal life, here are a few ways that you can get started. These careers span multiple industries and are excellent ways to help others embrace the minimalist lifestyle.

1. Licensed Contractor

Minimalism is about more than clearing the clutter. As a lifestyle, it requires a reconsideration of all aspects of your life, including where life takes place: the home.

If you want to build and develop the minimalist community, why not go into contracting? With this career, you can help people build homes and living spaces tailor-made for minimalism. Draft a cozy tiny home for a young couple or upgrade an office space with characteristics that help employees embrace the minimalist lifestyle. All this and more are possible with a career in contracting.

Get your contractor license NC so that you can start your journey toward developing minimalist spaces from the foundation up.

2. Interior Designer

This career goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. Working as an interior designer can allow you to curate the design elements of a home to suit a minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle. 

This type of design work is all about making creative choices with less. Rather than a cluttered, lived-in house with lots of decorations, a minimalist designer finds ways to make one or two statement pieces go a long way.

The beautiful thing about being an interior designer is that you can help clients at any stage of their minimalist journey.

3. Professional Organizer

With the rise of the docu-series comes the rise of the professional organizer. With shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo reaching millions of viewers worldwide, homeowners are increasingly turning to these organization experts to help gain peace and balance in their home.

Professional organizers help:

  • Decrease clutter
  • Teach people how to get rid of items that may not be serving their needs
  • Build more intuitive storage
  • Implement systems that will keep the household easy to manage even after the organizer leaves

A professional organizer doesn’t need any license or degree. What’s important here is gathering references and making an outstanding portfolio. 

Build an appealing minimalist social media profile with lots of organizational photos and videos to help jumpstart your business. Do some pro bono work for friends and relatives to gather the initial portfolio items and work from there.

4. Lifestyle Writer and Guru

If your minimalist journey has taken you further than you ever dreamed, try writing about it. There are new people every day that learn about this lifestyle and want to try it for themselves. 

Starting a blog or writing a book can be an excellent way to spread the message, talk about how minimalism has enriched your life, and develop a promising career.

Other ways to talk about your journey include public speaking, becoming an influencer, photography, videography, and more. Inspire others to adopt minimalism in their lives with a personal touch.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of ways to start a career that uses minimalism to improve the lives of others. Try out some of these job ideas to see if one might be right for your lifestyle.

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