4 Telltale Signs That Your Lawnmower Needs To Be Replaced

Your landscape makes a significant impression on everyone who views your home. Whether it’s a casual glance while walking in the neighborhood or serious scouting for a potential new home, it is essential that you take care of your home’s exterior and landscape to increase both value and curb appeal.

Your lawnmower will need maintenance and repairs to keep it running well. While maintaining a lawn is easy when your lawnmower is functioning well, there are some signs and symptoms that indicate when this appliance is past its prime. Strange sounds, a misfiring engine, and unusual smells are all indicators that your lawnmower needs to be repaired or replaced. Ignoring these symptoms of lawnmower failure could leave you with not only unkempt grass but expensive repair bills on a machine that is clearly failing. Look for these telltale signs that it may be time to invest in a new lawnmower.

1- Hard to Start

A lawnmower should start fairly easily. If you notice any problems with the idle, or if it is difficult to pull the cord before the engine starts, it may need repair or possible replacement. The problem may be attributed to needing new spark plugs, or it could be headed toward complete engine failure. Pull cord lawnmowers should not take more than two tries to get going, and a machine that starts with a pushbutton or key mechanism should start right up and get down to business. If your lawnmower is struggling to get going, get it serviced before you find yourself with half a lawn left to mow.

2- Leaking Oil

Much like other engines, the presence of leaking oil is a sign of sure trouble ahead. Engines that lose too much oil may seize up completely, leaving you without enough lubrication to make gears function efficiently. Inspect your motor and engine to rule out cracks in casings that may lead to total system failure.

3- Stalling and Skipping

While some think that stalling and skipping are signs of an engine low on gasoline, this misfiring is an indicator of a worn-out engine cylinder, spark plugs, or other related issues. If you’re having difficulty getting through your regular maintenance mow, consider getting your lawnmower serviced to ensure that it lasts longer.

4- Uneven Cuts

The point of owning an efficient lawn mower is to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, right? The moment your mower begins to cut unevenly or leave patches of grass entirely unkempt and shaggy, the blade is having a last hurrah. Other possible causes of uneven cuts include loose belts and a misfiring engine that causes the rotation to temporarily cease.

If your lawnmower is in the shop more than it is on your lawn, it may be time to consider a replacement. Doing what you can to initially diagnose the problem could save you both time and money as you bring it in for service. Of course, regular care and maintenance of your lawnmower will keep it running well when you need it most. Those thick spring carpets and lush green summer oases will be no match for your precise, well-maintained, and efficient lawnmower.

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