4 Signs You Should Reach Out to a Professional Roofer

Quality roof health is vital in protecting your home’s contents and serves as the structure’s layer of defense against weather elements. While roofs are designed to last, neglecting them can result in costly repairs and replacements. Knowing when to seek help from roofing contractors can help catch and resolve roofing issues before they escalate. Discussed below are four signs you should reach out to a professional roofer.

  1. An Old Roof

As time passes, roofs degrade and cause a lot of issues. An old roof exposes your home to harsh weather conditions. Shingles become thinner and weaker, which makes them more prone to tearing in case of strong winds. Since the roof cannot properly insulate the interiors any longer, you may notice your house temperatures fluctuating more. This results in high energy bills. When roofing materials deteriorate, the possibility of water seeping into the underlayment further rises.

An old roof also increases the risk of pest infestations and can create fire hazards. If you’ve had your roof for a long time or it has exceeded its expected lifespan, experienced roofers, such as Springfield roofing professionals, can help replace your roof or suggest treatments that can prolong its life.

  1. Missing Shingles

Missing shingles should be a cause for worry for you as a homeowner. Water can enter via the gaps these shingles leave behind, infiltrating parts of your home such as the attic. The moisture can cause:

  • Water damage
  • Rotting of the wooden structures
  • Compromised structural integrity
  • There’s a high possibility of mold growth, posing health risks

Missing shingles leave openings on the roof, letting cool or warm air escape your interiors. This reduces energy efficiency and contributes to higher utility bills. When ignored, missing shingles can expedite the decline of the underlying materials, which can compromise the entire roofing system’s integrity. Although missing shingles don’t lead to immediate roof leaks, calling a professional roofer to replace them as soon as possible reduces the risk of costly damages.

  1. Sagging Roof

A healthy roof should be straight. If your roof appears wavy or curved, it’s usually due to a sagging issue, which is common in many homes, especially older ones. Roofs cope with much runoff as time passes, trapping moisture, which not only creates an ideal environment for mildew and mold growth but also weakens the roof and makes it sag. Poorly constructed roofing system rafters and joints can cause roof sagging and make the structure unstable.

A sagging roof harms curb appeal and can collapse. It can also interfere with water flow and cause water to collect in unwanted areas, increasing the risk of leaks and water damage. Your roof may also begin bowing due to old age. If you notice a wavy or curved roof appearance, reaching out to a professional roofing company can help salvage your roof before the damage escalates.

  1. Ice Dams

Ice dams are ice buildup that forms at the roof’s edge and in your gutters. They ensure melting snow doesn’t drain off the roof, causing water to back up and cause leaks and damage to insulation, ceilings, walls, and other parts. Ice dams can damage your gutters and roofing system. With the help of an ideal roofer, you can determine the cause of the ice dams and ensure they’re professionally removed.


Expert roofers can help keep your roofing system healthy. Understanding the signs you should contact a professional roofer can help you stay proactive with your roof care.

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