3 Ways to Transform Your Customer Service Experience

Being a business owner is tough, there’s always something that needs fixing or improvement. That can distract from one of the most important areas of owning a business, which is your customer service experience. You want your clients to be so happy with buying from you, that they gladly tell their friends about it and come back whenever they have a new opportunity. If you haven’t spent much time on your customer service experience, then you might want to get into a comfortable chair! It can be something that takes a little bit of time to get right, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll see the benefits flow into all areas of your business. Keep reading to learn my top 3 ways to transform your customer service experience.

1. Consider a Chat Bot
Do you need some help dealing with customers’ problems? Whether it’s late shipping, asking how to properly track their shipping, or just general product questions, it can be quite expensive to have a real person sitting there 24/7 at the beck and call of your customers. That’s where a chatbot can come in. You can program them to answer the most common questions, so that you can reserve your actual help for those tough questions that are outside the standard box. Choosing a high quality conversational chatbot is imperative so that your customers get the best experience possible. This can be a great way to quickly resolve issues and ensure that your customers have higher customer satisfaction.

2. Ask for Feedback
Asking for feedback might not be enough, you may have to bribe people! One of the best ways to get customers to provide feedback is to offer them a free gift, or a discount code if they help you by providing feedback. You can also run competitions and give away free products to people who fill in your feedback forms. This is such a great way to get clear actionable feedback that can help you improve your customer’s experience because it’s from your most targeted customers – people who have already gone through your sales process and purchased from you. You can ask about all areas of their experience, from the actual purchasing experience through to receiving their product and/or services and how it went.

3. Include All The Senses
If you have an online store, this might be a little more challenging than an in person store. But I think it’s so important to engage all of the senses when you’re creating a brand. You can consider a spray of your favorite fragrance before sending out your products if appropriate. Or you can include a piece of lavender when you wrap your products so they arrange smelling gorgeous. If you have a storefront, why not find and use a signature candle that engages your client’s senses when they walk in the door. Don’t only focus on the visual aspect of your brand, but also the other senses that can be engaged in a way that makes sense. If you send a little gift card or card explaining your products, why not play around with the paper type and texture of it.

Ensuring your customers have a wonderful experience any time your clients engage with your brand is so important. I hope these tips inspire you to completely transform your client experience.

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