3 Reasons to Choose Linton Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring

When you are looking to buy engineered and solid wood flooring, the options are limitless. But how do you choose one that suits your requirements?

If quality and affordability are your priorities, consider the Linton range of engineered and solid wood flooring. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider the Linton range.

A Wide Range of Options

Whether you are looking to buy engineered wood flooring or solid wood, you’ll simply be spoilt for choice!

Linton solid and engineered wood floors are available in a range of species, shades, textures and surface treatments. The solid wood range features popular species such as oak, merbau, maple, beech and ash. From deep dark to dark, light and medium, these floors are available in an array of shades.

These floors are available in a variety of finishes from unfinished to oiled. Each finish gives the floor a unique character. With an unfinished surface, you can create your own effect and enjoy the magic!

Linton’s engineered wood floors feature a high-quality solid wood layer on the top, which makes these floors no less than solid wood floors. They look and feel just like solid wood flooring.

These floors are available in a variety of surface finishes. From bespoke, unfinished and brushed finishes to hand-scraped, oiled, lacquered, smoked and their numerous combinations, the list of surface treatments is just endless! These finishes add to the brilliance of the floor surface.

Multiple Plank Formats

The Linton range is available in multiple plank formats including the popular 1-strip, 3-strip and Herringbone/Parquet. In addition to imparting a defined texture to the floor, each plank format delivers stability and durability.

The 1-strip planks, for example, are derived from a single block of wood on the surface layer. If you do not like your floor surface showing joints that indicate multiple blocks of wood, then a single-strip plank format will definitely interest you.

In a 3-strip plank format, the surface is derived from 3 blocks of wood. As a result, the surface combines the characteristics of the 3 blocks, which imparts a distinct beauty to the floor.

Herringbone parquet engineered wood is a classic pattern that features rectangular planks arranged in a broken zigzag pattern. This pattern is a popular choice for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

No matter the type of plank format you choose, the final effect of every Linton floor – solid or engineered – is simply incredible!

Long-Lasting Beauty and Performance

Linton floors look exceptional and deliver a stellar service for years to come. With proper maintenance, these floors can last for generations!

Linton solid wood floors are exceptionally strong, stable and durable, which makes them suitable for heavy-traffic commercial and residential areas.

The engineered wood range exhibits exceptional stability, strength and durability thanks to the multi-layered construction. They are a great choice for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The professional surface treatments protect these floors against stains, scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Further, they help prevent fading, make cleaning easy and enhance the stability of the flooring.

Linton solid and engineered wood floors offer the best value for money. You can explore this fascinating range at Stories Flooring UK. You will also find the cheapest deals here!

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