3 Reasons Mobile Homes Are Great for Minimalists

Minimalism has been a hot topic for a while now. However, Marie Kondo definitely projected the idea right into the popular culture limelight in 2019, when getting rid of excessive personal items and folding your pants as small as you could became an almost worldwide trend.

For those who hadn’t heard of minimalists before then, they would have almost definitely heard someone asking someone else if something “sparks joy?” before the ‘someone else’ decided on their answer.

Minimalism is not a new concept, and the same could be argued for motorhomes, which made their debut circa 1915, though the concept of mobile homes has changed significantly in more recent years, with homes not needing to be an actual vehicle, but instead ones that are easy to move around.

But what do minimalism and mobile homes have in common? Read on to find out!

Small space = less stuff

Unless you like to sleep on top of your record collection and among a nest of clothes (no judgment here), a smaller space usually means much less stuff. 

Minimalists often pride themselves in having only things they absolutely need and a few things they want and like, which could still be whittled down to even the bare essentials. This means that they do not have to pay premium prices on renting for extra rooms and extra storage, and can also enjoy the luxury of having the chance to move around with ease.

 “Get to know your essentials when setting up in a rural location!”

You are not stuck in one place

Some minimalists love the concept for the fact they would rather focus their attention on anything but the material things. They are conscious of the things that bring them joy and don’t want material things holding them back.

For those who want to move out into stunning rural areas and set up shop, there are only a few things you need outside of your mobile home to settle down, such as a septic tank with septic pumping, a consistent clean water supply, and of course, electricity.

Another benefit of having a mobile home is that wherever you move, your costs are still low. It is much cheaper to live in a mobile home than a traditional home, and although the experience is somewhat different, the amenities can be the same.

“Improve your wellbeing and the environment at the same time”

Mobile homes can be environmentally friendly

For the minimalists that have the environment at the forefront of their minds, mobile homes can not only reduce a significant amount of waste but can reduce the negative environmental impact as they can be much more energy-efficient. When it comes to tiny mobile homes, solar panels can be used for electricity and energy, and less water and product usage translates to less waste. Even repairs which are thought to be big jobs will be small because of the nature of the house! Overall, these work together to not only lower the environmental impact, but also lowers the cost of living, and the need for material things!

Alec Neufeld’s extensive background in the construction trade fuels his passion for alternative energy and green building methods. A retired builder, he now enjoys a freelance writing career, alongside helping people as a general contractor.

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