3 Benefits of Digital Factory Software

A digital factory implementation can dramatically boost the performance of your facility in a number of crucial ways. A digital factory is a digital twin or computer-generated model of the physical assets that exist within your production line. This update to the production capacity of any production environment facilitates the function of continuous improvement and a continued push for the digital transformation of the manufacturing center workflow itself. The template of software factory implementations is easy to install and many production facilities have already brought in varying levels of the digital factory function into their development process already.

A digital factory is an easy-to-implement automation function, but its benefits are wide-ranging and highly effective. These areas in which the manufacturing industry as a whole is progressing are just the tip of the iceberg, but they stand at the forefront of what the digital factory is all about.

1. Quality control, safety, and process optimization.


Software developers have been perfecting automation functions for many years, and with the introduction of Industry 4.0 updates, the production environment has never been more effective. The digital factory operates as one of the key architects of this ongoing success. With the introduction of agile software development that is aimed at optimization, quality, and safety, factories have, to put it simply, become better places to work.

The framework for digital factory technology is based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and has branched out significantly from the initial IoT framework that brought creature comforts and ease of use front and center in the lives of consumers.

With the help of this springboard, factory software has made the process of quality control and process optimization a seamless integration in the development process of new and existing product line functionality. A digital factory relies on the built-in sensors that grace all-new manufacturing equipment these days, and the digital model that they build as a result allows for superior efficiency, greater quality control, and the all-important safety features that the manufacturing industry relies on for workforce happiness and security.

Safety is a crucial priority, and with the help of this digital twin, building streamlined workflows that remove human assets from harm’s way can be dialed in with the greatest precision that has ever been available to the manufacturing industry.

2. Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance


In addition to key optimization and safety priorities, a digital twin model of the plant allows for real-time anomaly detection and predictive maintenance scheduling like never before. With this implementation, factories are able to identify problem areas in the manufacturing process and address key concerns without having to wait for a major fault or breakdown in the process that can create significant delays and knock-on financial strain. Detecting trouble before it strikes is crucial to maintaining a highly functional facility that stands ready to meet the increasing demands of the consumer marketplace at all times.

3. Environmental Sustainability and Energy Management


Finally, manufacturing centers are quickly becoming more and more conscious of the environmental footprint that they are leaving on the world outside their doors. Automation and digital factory functions are making huge strides toward a more environmentally friendly pace of production.

Utilizing clean energy, efficient processes, and much more helps reduce the carbon footprint that has damaged the environment for many centuries of human production at an industrial scale. Part of the new wave of the industry includes tackling this significant impact, and with the software factory presence, this can be done with data and an analytical approach that hasn’t been possible for past generations of key producers. A software factory setup is crucial for making strides toward the future in a variety of essential ways.

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