10 Things You Should Know About Using Pool Filters

When you invest in a pool, you want to make sure you’re maintaining it well so that your pool lasts for a lifetime.

1. Different Pool Filters Are Changed in Different Way

Always make sure that you look at the manufacturer’s instructions for your pool filter to ensure you understand how much maintenance it will need.

2. A Good Pool Filter Will Even Inhibit Algae Growth

The best well-maintained filters will keep algae from forming in the water of your pool. If you start seeing algae blooms appear in your water, you may have to replace your filter.

3. Check for and Utilize Your Pool Filter’s Timer

If your pool filter has a timer, you can program it to turn on and off whenever you need it to. This makes pool care a breeze when you don’t have to worry about when your filter is on.

4. You Need a Different Pool Filter for In and Below Ground Pools

Make sure the pool filter you buy will work for the size of the pool you’ll have and ensure it’s compatible with how it will be installed above or below ground.

5. Sand Filters Are Often Very Quiet

If you want a quiet easy-to-maintain pool filter, a sand filter is a great option.

6. You Should Backwash Your Sand Pool Filter about Once a Week

Ensuring your sand filter is working smoothly means backwashing the sand at least once a week.

7. Some D.E. Filters Are Self Cleaning

D.E. or diatomaceous earth filters have back bumpers that help them stay cleaners.

8. Cartridge Pool Filters Need Cleaning 4-6 Weeks

A cartridge pool filter needs less weekly maintenance than other kinds of filters!

9. D.E. Filters Are Prone to Calcium

While a D.E. filter is highly effective at removing microscopic particulate in water, these filters are prone to calcium build-up that you can fix by balancing your pool water with chemicals.

10. Cartridge Filters Will Need to Be Replaced Eventually

While cartridge filters have a great lifespan, once they get fuzzy or look very stained, it’s time to get a new filter insert.

Make Buying the Right Pool Filter Easier

If you need a filter replacement for your current filter, or you need some filter questions answered, consider looking over the catalogue offered by Pool Equipment Price Slashers.

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