10 Inspirations For Your Small Bathroom: How To Decorate A Small Bathroom In The Household

Do you need inspirational ideas for your small bathroom? If you have a small bathroom, this is the perfect opportunity to try out new styles that you might lack the confidence to try in a bigger bathroom. The small bathroom is a great place to experiment and express your individuality as a designer. 

The small bathroom is where you can practice your creativity and decorate something fun without making drastic changes to the style/layout of the entire home. Balancing out functionality with comfort and design can be a hard job in a small bathroom. This is why you need ideas to give you inspiration. The following is a list of the top 10 inspirations for your small bathroom:

01. Replace The Floor

The floor has the potential to change the vibe of the entire bathroom. If you try zebra crosses or similar colorful patterns, you can drastically change the way the small bathroom feels. The floor gives you an opportunity to try out shapes and colors that you would shy away from under regular circumstances. Interesting details and patterns are the way to go when you have a small bathroom because they bring life to the room.

02. Dig A Storage Hole

Instead of trying to make use of the space you already have, why not make more space by digging a hole in the wall for storage? Find a place without water pipes flowing in the wall and get the handyman to make room for toilet rolls, towels, and other small bathroom essentials. If you have no space left for standard hangers, this is the way to go.

03. Use Brave Wallpapers

The small bathroom is where you can get bold with creativity. This space can be used to put the most controversial artwork and imagery because not many people are going to be spending time in it. This is the best place to let loose as far as your creative side. Want to hang 90s nude art? This is the place to do it. Want to hang movie quotes? Decorate it with a Pulp Fiction poster.

04. Paint It In Dark Colors

The main counter-argument to using livid colors and wallpapers is to paint the colors in a completely dark hue like black or grey. Dark colors can create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it appears. If you’re going for a dark color, make sure it’s high-gloss. 

The color’s hue is going to create a night-sky effect in the bathroom once the lights are on and the natural light penetrating the space will bounce around. Note: This way you effectively draw attention to other light fixtures in the bathroom, so make sure you choose your fixtures wisely – you need LED fixtures that bring plenty of light.

05. Install Large Mirrors

The bigger the mirrors are in your small bathroom, the better. Many times you’re restricted in a small space and can’t integrate a mirror in a safe manner because it leaves little room for movement. However, mirroring the upper half of your small bathroom can create a very open effect for the bathroom which makes it appear bigger. It is also rare to have mirrors in a small bathroom and having one would make it stand out.

Pro Tip: Take the mirroring a level up by mirroring the entire wall of the bathroom instead of placing one above the vanity. The reflective light coming from the mirror is going to generate the effect of a window. 

06. Marine Imagery

Some of the best imagery for small bathrooms is marine imagery. Think: Sea views, marine symbols, ocean/yachting pictures, and more. This style is right on the money for making the small bathroom look clean and minimalist while still keeping a vibrant vibe that isn’t boring. It’s one of the best ways to add personality where it’s lacking.

07. Copy The Main Bathroom

What do you do when you run out of ideas? You do what you were already successful at! If you designed your main bathroom in a satisfying manner, you can replicate that exact style in the small bathroom to develop a visual connection for your bathrooms. Use the same materials and wallpapers you used in your main bathroom and you’ll give your bathrooms a seamless appearance. If there isn’t enough space for the toilet, you can consider toilets for small bathrooms

08. Get Creative With The Blinds

You can purchase blinds for color blocking which are very effective in small places such as a second bathroom. The key here is to keep them simple and minimalistic. Blinds can enhance the sunny effect and beautify the space in the bathroom if you have a window.

09. Install Glass Showers

If you have space for a shower in your bathroom, consider installing a glass shower. Glass showers look modern and sleek and they can open up space in the bathroom. Get rid of the curtain and go for a glass shower!

10. Integrate Mirror Backlights

If you install mirrors above the vanity or across the whole wall, you can purchase LED backlights that will light them up during the day and night time for more visibility. Mirror LEDs are a great way to amplify the light and make the bathroom look chic.

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