10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Junk From Your Home

Junk removal is an excellent way to create more living space and enhance your home’s aesthetics. However, getting rid of junk can be challenging and exhausting. If you are considering relocating, renovating, redecorating, or decluttering your home, here are 10 easy ways to help get rid of junk to make your property more appealing.

  • Upcycling junk

Get more use of some of your old and out-of-shape items by upcycling them to serve other purposes in your home. For instance, you could cover an old sofa with an old T-shirt and transform it into a pet bed. Not sure how to upcycle some of your junk? Leverage platforms like Pinterest to get ideas to repurpose some of your waste

  • Hire a junk removal company

Getting rid of junk can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Consider partnering with a junk removal company. Junk removal companies declutter, transport, and dispose of your trash on your behalf. However, research junk removal companies before sending them to your home to ensure they are reputable and secure. Enjoy affordable, efficient services in junk removal in Bend, Oregon, from hot tub removal and shed removal to donation pickups.

  • Handdowns to friends and family

You could have friends and family ask and take whatever they want by sending a text or email containing a list of the items you want to eliminate. You will be surprised how many friends and family are interested in your old things. This could also be an opportunity to see and catch up with friends and family you have not seen in a while.

  • Donating to local churches or community centers.

Ask your local community center or church whether they have programs where you can donate old items that you no longer need. Find one that accepts the items you want to donate. Learn their donation policies by visiting their websites. Ensure your items are organized, clean, and in good condition to make it easier for these organizations to process the donations. Donations are tax deduction opportunities, so keep accurate records of donated items and their value.

  • eBay sales 

EBay is a great marketplace to sell some of the valuable and shippable items that you want to get rid of. EBay helps you find buyers interested in items locally unavailable to them. Remember, all you want is to get rid of junk, and not make profit, so set fair prices on items to attract potential buyers in the areas you can easily ship to. Providing free shipping on eBay is an excellent way to find interested buyers.

  • Hiring a dumpster

If your home has a lot of junk, consider hiring a dumpster. Dumpsters are an excellent way to keep costs at a minimum and a great option to manage your garbage at your own convenient time. Dumpsters vary in size depending on how much you want to get rid of. Be sure to pick the designated area to keep your dumpster to make cleaning much easier.

  • Get dumpster bags

If you do not have a lot of junk around your home, you could opt for dumpster bags instead of renting or getting an entire dumpster. These bags are durable and heavy-duty, making them fit for storing a lot of trash. Their portability makes them easier to use and set up.

  • Hold a Garage or yard sale

Holding a garage sale is a great way to get rid of junk, as you do not have to worry about shipping or delivering older items to your buyers. For garage sales, you simply display items to passers-by. Be sure to advertise your garage sale in advance to attract many buyers and set reasonable prices for your items. Remember, you are selling to declutter, downsize, and reduce the cost of junk removal, not profit-making.

  • Placing junk at the curb

You could get rid of your home junk by placing stuff at the curb in front of your home with a tag written: “free.” Anyone interested in some of these items could pick and use them.

  • Get rid of your home junk yourself

If you want to avoid hiring a dumpster or junk removal company, removing junk yourself is a great way to declutter. You could use trash bags and take them to a recycling center or a landfill. With that being said, most recycling collection services don’t provide pick-up solutions for heavy junk like appliances and mattresses. This means you may incur costs for renting a truck to take the garbage to the landfills and recycling centers.


Getting rid of junk does not have to be daunting. Hold a garage sale, sell on eBay, hire a dumpster, hand it down to friends and family, upcycle, donate to local churches and communities, place trash on the curb, or partner with junk removal companies to declutter your home.

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