10 Bean Bags the World is Raving About in 2020

With mandatory quarantines and voluntary self-isolation occurring all over the world, this year, staying in is the new going out. Thanks to a vibrant online world with thousands of options for learning, entertainment, and socializing, it’s easier than ever to stay home and still live your best life. It may take a little bit of preparation though, including purchasing accessories you may not have needed before, such as comfy headphones or adapters to put laptop screens onto TVs. Today we’ll take a look at one accessory making life in quarantine just a little bit more comfortable—bean bags!

Gamer Bean Bags

  1. Sumo Gamer from Sumo Lounge. Online gaming sessions require seating that is comfortable and supportive, especially now that we all have so much time on our hands. At a sturdy 50 pounds, the Sumo Gamer molds to your back without going flat or sliding around the floor. You can choose from five different fabric types, but serious gamers will want to choose one that’s easy to wash. The covers may be removable and machine washable, but you’ll have an easier time getting food out of the micro-suede cover than out of the luxury fur. Not that you would ever spill near your game console.
  1. BeanChill Large Bean Bag Chair. For gamers looking to design their own bean bag, the BeanChill is unique in that it comes with an unfilled inner liner and a removable cotton linen cover. Always wondered what a bean bag filled with actual beans would feel like? How about old pillows? Sand? With plenty of quarantine hours to fill, the BeanChill lets gamers experiment with designing the perfect DIY bean bag. Alternatively, the BeanChill can be used to rescue the filling from an old beanbag that has too many holes to hold everything inside anymore. Although experimenting with shredded newspaper beanbags seems more exciting. This article from Pinterest can even show you how.
  1. Gamewarez Crimson Hurricane Gaming Bean Bag. Featuring expandable side pockets, headset holder, and an optional matching footrest, this bean bag is popular among gamers because it keeps everything in reach. The ergonomic design supports the gamer’s back, while the EPS beads make it soft and comfortable. The cover isn’t removable but is water and dirt repellent, making it a decent choice for gamers who like to take their online adventures outdoors or at least to the backyard or patio.

Novelty Bean Bags

  1. LED Fiber Optic Beanbags—Calming Model. These bean bags were originally designed to provide support to children with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder. According to an article from Edutopia, calming spaces with things like shifting, soothing lights, and comfortable beanbags help students soothe their anxiety. The calming model of this beanbag can provide the same support for children and adults struggling with isolation anxiety. The six-foot-long fiber optic strands (all 100 of them) can be used as fidgets to soothe anxiety while sitting or lying in the comfy design. The soft, changing LED lights provide an additional soothing effect, especially in a darkened room.
  1. Fantastic Beast Niffler Bean Bag from Pottery Barn. This bean bag is pure fun and a perfect place to settle in while you watch all of the Harry Potter movies. The zippered pocket in front is probably the most fun feature since it gives hardcore HP fans a pouch to hide their treasures in (or remotes), just like real Nifflers. The cover is also removable, making it easy to wash when you spill butterbeer on it during the ninth hour of your movie marathon.
  1. Big Joe Vibe Massaging Bean Bag Chair. What makes this bean bag novel is the built-in dual-level massage feature, making it super popular among those who have been filling their quarantine hours with at-home workouts, dance classes, or yoga. It’s also an amazing option for those working from home, to soothe muscle tension during endless Zoom meetings. The storage pocket on the side is handy for keeping remotes or office supplies from getting lost, and the interior pouch is refillable if the beads ever start to go flat.

Family Sized Bean Bags

  1. Large Bean Bag Sofa from Wayfair. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this family-sized bean bag sofa is a favorite among families. The cover is water-resistant for spills that can be wiped up and removable for ones that can’t. It comes in six colors, and when you add pillows, it becomes a perfect place for parents and kids to snuggle up and catch up on storytime, something that sometimes falls between the cracks when life is too busy. And, for the most part, we aren’t too busy right now.
  1. Big Joe Imperial Lounger. Readers finally getting to tackle their “TBR” piles are discovering that the Imperial Lounger’s claim that it’s a “palace built for one” is perfectly accurate. At around thirty pounds, it’s not too heavy to drag from room to room following patches of sunshine, which also makes it easy enough to toss around when it starts to feel a little flat.
  1. Comfy Sacks 7.5 Foot Lounger. Date night is a little different for lots of couples these days. Dinner and dancing now look a lot like curbside pickup and Footloose on the TV. The 7.5-foot lounger from Comfy Sacks is perfectly sized for two, making it an ideal accessory for date night at home. Fun fact: it also makes a comfortable bed. Not that you’ll need it, of course, but even the most in-sync couples may start getting on each other’s nerves after being cooped up inside for a few weeks.
  1. Chill Sack Giant Bean Bag Chair. With traditional schooling being over for the year in most places, siblings are learning how to make friends with each other. The Chill Sack’s 8 feet of memory foam spreads out easily to accommodate all sorts of sibling bonding—board games, coloring books, dolls, etc. The cover is also removable, making it a good choice for families. It can also be built up into a couch with a comfy backrest for doing distance learning assignments and attending classes online.

We’ve all learned lessons about how to survive in quarantine and self-isolation. Some of those lessons we could’ve predicted. The value of keeping in touch with friends and family, for example. More unexpected is learning the value of small things like bean bag chairs and other accessories that make life just a little easier and more comfortable.

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