Wireless Deer Fence to Keep Deer Out of Garden: Tips For Buying

If you live outside of the city, you will know how it is a regular occurrence to have deer occasionally coming up to your doorstep as an uninvited guest. If you do not mind sharing your garden with these four-legged visitors, then having them around shouldn’t be a problem. However, when a deer comes along to invade your garden, they can eat up your whole yard and not leave anything left. This situation can be quite unpleasant.

A wireless deer fence is created to keep deer away from your garden. Here are some tips to help you out before you purchase one today:

1. Get to know the basics about wireless deer fencing first.

Wireless fencing is a very attractive option for homeowners, especially for those who do not like to install the typical wire fence. This type of fence looks cleaner and is also quite cheaper to purchase and install. A wireless deer fencing is like a pole that gives off a sweet, tempting smell for the deer to approach this pole instead of going straight to your garden. As the deer goes closer to the wireless fence, it gives out a startling but harmless shock, just enough to drive the deer away. This kind of fence is still considered as safe and non-toxic.

2. Have a budget in mind, and stick to it.

Wireless deer fences are readily available in the market, and with this steady supply, the price is controlled as well. Before you head out to buy one, measure your property to see how many wireless deer fence poles you will need. The average price of one piece costs around 60 USD. The budget that you have in mind should be enough to cover your entire backyard so that, for example, you are able to protect a landscaping project you have just done, or a vegetable path.

3. If you can afford it, try to go for two fencing systems.

A lot of forest experts suggest not relying solely on wireless deer fences that work as a repellent to keep deer away. This method is effective, but only until it starts to rain. During the rainy season, therefore, you need to have a better alternative, unless you live in a place where there is mostly sun than rain. The deer repellant that is applied on the base of these wireless deer fences get washed out in the rain; hence, they are deemed ineffective.

4. Talk to deer experts first before making a bulk purchase.

Although each piece of the wireless deer fence is relatively cheaper, once you purchase in bulk, this cost can skyrocket. Do not make a bulk purchase by relying only on your decision, or on what you have learned yourself. There might be some aspects that you miss out on, and that you might only discover and regret later on after you’ve already made your bulk purchase of these fence posts.

The most prudent thing for you to do is to have an expert come over to your property, check it out, and help you in deciding as to how many wireless deer fence posts you need, or if this method is the best one for you, your garden, and your location.

5. Ask about the warranties.

Wireless deer fencing is usually battery-operated. Hence a deciding factor for you should also be regarding the warranties and any possible repairs. Always double check if you are provided with a warranty, just in case a post gets destroyed quite early on after being installed in your property. You should be able to lay your cards on the table and decipher what remedies you have, should it get broken.

6. Ask about repairs as well.

After the warranty period as provided above, if your wireless deer fence will encounter any problem or defect, you will need to have it fixed first unless the fault is irreplaceable that you will have to purchase a brand-new one. Do ask about the continuing repair services, if the home depot provides the same, or if you have to contact the manufacturer yourself.

If repairs are not readily available in your area, then this type of fencing might not be the right one for you; it might be best to choose the more traditional wired fencing instead.

7. Do ask about the life expectancy of the wireless deer fence.

One of the most notable advantages of a wireless deer fence comes along with its portability. If you plan on moving to another house, you can easily remove this wireless fence and reinstall the same in your new home. The process is easier and hassle-free in comparison with other traditional wired fences.

However, concerning this as well, it is essential that you ask about the life expectancy of your wireless deer fence. The terms may vary based on manufacturers, brands, and price; hence you should consider this as well before making a final purchase. Your deer fence should last you long enough that buying the same regularly doesn’t end up as an expensive maintenance cost for you.


Now that you have these tips, you can head out to your local home depot to purchase all you need for your wireless deer fence. The good news is that installing these wireless fences is something that you can do yourself, as it isn’t too difficult to do. If you are on a budget, wire fencing is also the best alternative because it is cheaper as well. Now you can finally keep those four-legged visitors away from your garden.

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