Why you should make drinking green tea part of your daily routine

Humans have been drinking tea (in one form or another) for thousands of years – and for good reason. This age-old practice boasts plenty of benefits, but perhaps one unexpected advantage is its effectiveness as a mindfulness and self-care practice. There’s nothing quite like the process of brewing yourself a tea. When incorporated into your daily routine, tea drinking can become an important ritual you share with yourself – and even others. 

Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, green tea is a natural stimulant that can kickstart your metabolism, as well as being a stress-reliever, making it the perfect tea to include in your daily routine. 

Whether you’re already well-acquainted with the joys of green tea or you’ve only dabbled a few times, here are all the reasons why you should make drinking green tea part of your daily routine. 

H2: It’s a great way to practice self-care

Up there with journaling, meditation or curling up with a good book, the simple act of brewing a tea makes for a wonderful self-care practice. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a few minutes away from the world and check in with yourself. Be intentional with this time and notice how you’re feeling. Have you had a stressful day at work? Or perhaps you’ve kicked all your goals and are feeling accomplished? Whatever it is, take a moment to be present with that feeling – good or bad – and honour it. 

Self-care is all about building routines, and by incorporating green tea into your daily schedule, it will quickly become a little ceremony you share with yourself. Your brain will soon learn that this is a chance to recharge, relax and enjoy a few quiet moments of ‘me time’ – and you’ll be surprised how far these go towards relieving stress. Brewing yourself a lovingly-selected tea is also a great way to indulge, and unlike some other treats (ahem chocolate!), the best part is it’s entirely guilt-free. 

H2: It can be a form of mindfulness and meditation

In a similar vein, the daily act of brewing a green tea can be incredibly meditative. An excellent way to press pause on the day, it’s a chance to slow down, be present in the moment and focus on your breath. If you’re so inclined, you could use those few minutes of waiting for the kettle to boil as a chance to meditate or even practice some gratitude by thinking about the things you’re grateful for. 

When it comes to the tea-making process, fight the urge to switch on autopilot and instead try to be present. From opening the tin to taking in the aroma of the tea, pouring the water over the leaves and watching it steep, there are so many little details to bask in. Notice how deliciously warm the mug is in your hands when you finally hold it, and pay attention to how the tea tastes on that very first sip.  

H2: An excuse to step away from your computer and take a break

For many of us, so much of our lives are spent in front of a computer. It can be easy to sit glued to our screens for hours on end and forget to take a break. Brewing yourself a green tea is the perfect excuse to step away from the computer, stretch your legs and take that much-needed down-time. The best part about green tea is you can have a few cups a day, so don’t be afraid to go back for top-ups later!  

Studies show that taking regular breaks, even as short as a couple of minutes, can actually boost concentration, focus and creativity. This means by stepping away to make yourself a green tea you’ll actually be allowing your mind a chance to reset and more likely to return with a fresher mind ready to come up with great ideas. 

H2: Sharing a tea is a great social activity 

While tea drinking makes for a great solo affair, it can also be the perfect activity to share with friends. Green tea is a cheaper and healthier alternative to an alcoholic drink, and as a natural stimulant, it also contains a decent amount of caffeine, making it an excellent coffee substitute (but not too much that it will keep you up at night). 

If you want to get creative and explore different flavour combinations, green tea also makes for a great base. This could be as simple as adding a slice of lemon, some fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks or nutmeg – or blending other kinds of herbal teas, dried flowers or spices. Exploring different combinations can be such a fun activity and the final product is the perfect thing to enjoy in the company of good friends. 

Of course, there are plenty more reasons why green tea makes for such a valuable addition to anyone’s daily routine – including its delicious flavour. Whilst there’s so much to love, without doubt, one of its most potent powers lies in its ability to deliver its drinker some moments of respite from the busy world and a chance to simply be with themselves.

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