Why You Should Consider Adding Southwest Area Rugs to Your Minimalist Interior Design

Have you ever wondered what all the hype around southwestern rugs is all about? These rugs have been in use for centuries, and they’re not running out of style anytime soon. They also have a fascinating history. Southwestern rugs design gets its influence from the Navajo style, Aztecs and various Native American tribes.

They were made by the ancient inhabitants of the Southwestern desert to reflect their way of life. Their features are rich earthy tones, sunset reds, rich moss green, defined geometric textures, and rocky textures. In the past, these rugs were hand-made until the arrival of tourists in the 19thcentury who took an interest in them, creating a demand that required mass production.

Modernization and their evolution have only increased their appeal. Acquiring a southwestern rug for your home shows a bold personality. These rugs bring sparkle and color to your floors while giving off a cool vibe, especially looking at the beautiful rugs from Southwestern Rugs Depot.

Reasons Your Home Needs A Southwest Area Rug:

  1. Connecting to a Tradition

These rugs reflect a rich history of the Native Americans of the southwestern desert. 

When you get the southwestern pieces for your home, you’re not just decorating. You also get to appreciate the creativity of the Native Americans tribes.

Although weaving is no longer a sacred family tradition, some Native Americans have kept up the skill, learning it from college as a part of American history.

 As you spread out the rugs with cactus shapes, burly buffaloes and desert sunset, history comes alive. The effect is nothing less of magical.

  • They’re Highly Decorative

If you’re tired of the bland and featureless look of your floor, a southwestern rug is what you need. The piece will add the right splash of color, pattern, and tone while lifting off the dull look immediately.

 Furthermore, due to their various colors and tones, they complement any furniture while giving off the right balance of contrast and flare.

  • They Can Instantly Lift Appearance of Any Room

Don’t worry if you’re feeling uninspired on how to redecorate your rooms. Southwestern area rugs are a quick fix when you need that dramatic yet fresh look. They’re great for runways, bed-side carpets, dining, and living area. You cannot go wrong with this style, and nothing is too much when it looks that good.

  • They’re Affordable

Southwestern and westernrugs prices, unlike other standard rugs, vary with the type of styles rather than the method of production. Various price points makes even the most authentic pieces affordable. Price is therefore not a hindrance when you want to give your home a southwestern make-over. 


Native American art is gaining popularity at a high rate. People are now embracing the unique creativity of the ancient people and filling up their homes with bold statements of southwestern rugs. If you’re in the market for a quick and easy make-over, southwestern designed rugs are your go-to plan. 

You’re better off getting the piece now before the prices peak with the current demand. A part of Navajo in your home will not only add sparkle, butalso speak boldly of your preferences for color and elegance.

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