Why You Should Add Organic Agave Nectar To Your Diet

Over the past few years, an increasing number of people have wanted to opt for a healthier diet. However, they’ve often had difficulty with this as many healthy dishes can take quite a while to prepare. While some of this has been because of the various steps that need to be taken to create the recipe, much of it is focused on the ingredients that are required for them.

Alongside this is the fact that these ingredients can often be much more challenging to prepare than their non-healthy counterparts. This not only extends to the main meal but also desserts and drinks. As a result of this, many people may often skip healthy dishes for the sake of convenience.

However, there have been a few ways that people have been able to work around this. One of the most notable of these is preparing and cooking healthy meals in batches, although this might not be an ideal approach for many people. Despite this, there are quite a large number of dishes that are quite easy to prepare, with much of this being because of the ingredients that are being used.

One of the most notable of these is organic agave nectar. It is not only a healthy alternative to a variety of other ingredients but also one of the easier to prepare ingredients on the market. However, quite a large number of people might not know what this is and how they can benefit from including it in their diet.

As a result of this, many people will be unaware of many of the dishes that can be created using the ingredient. There is quite a variety of them that people will be able to use without having to spend much time preparing and cooking the meal.

What Is It and Why Use It?

Despite being called nectar, this is a syrup that’s made from the agave plant, as many people would have guessed from the name. One of the more notable benefits that come with using organic agave nectar is that it has a much sweeter taste than sugar, although this comes at the cost of slightly more calories per serving.

Perhaps the largest advantage that can be seen with the ingredient is that it has a much lower glycemic index (GI) than sugar, as well as honey. This could make it beneficial for people with diabetes as they’re getting a much sweeter taste than with sugar without increasing their GI count by nearly as much.

As a result, while organic agave nectar might not be the healthiest ingredient for many people, it can be a somewhat better-recommended alternative to traditional sugar than many other options. Despite this, many experts recommend people with diabetes limit their intake somewhat, similar to how they would with other ingredients.


There are quite a large number of recipes that can be created using organic agave nectar, with this being spread out across breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Because of the variety of available choices, many people might not know which dish to try first. One that comes well-recommended is a puréed pea soup with truffle oil.

While many people might assume that this will be difficult to create, it is much simpler than many people will think. To start, several ingredients are needed alongside the organic agave nectar, of which approximately a quarter of a cup will be needed. There are several other ingredients needed, including:

  • Two pounds of frozen peas
  • Parmesan crisps
  • Two cups of vegetable stock
  • White truffle oil, and
  • Salt

To start, run cool water over the peas until they’re no longer frozen before placing them into a food processor and running until smooth. Add the agave organic nectar and salt to taste before adding the vegetable stock and running through the processor again. Depending on personal taste, cooks may want to adjust the amount of vegetable stock, with less stock resulting in a thinner soup.

Following this, the pea purée should be forced through a sieve to remove any solids while being placed in a saucepan. This should then be salted to taste before being warmed gently over a lower heat.

Once hot, the purée should be placed in a bowl before the white truffle oil is drizzled on top. Following this, the parmesan crisps should be added on the side.

Give organic agave nectar a try. You can find many recipes that call for it or invent some of your own. 

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