Why It Is Essential to Have Quality Health Insurance Even If You Live Healthy

Many people feel that since they live healthily and do not get sick often, there is no need to pay a monthly health insurance premium.

They choose to pay their medical expenses as needed and don’t worry about monthly premiums or co-payments.

It is tempting to remove a health insurance premium from your monthly budget and play the odds that you will not regret it.

Health insurance can be a confusing subject with complicated medical terms, and few people know how it all works.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a way to assist in paying medical and healthcare costs.

There are private and government-managed insurance options. Private health insurance is often provided by employers or private health insurance companies, such as HealthMarkets, and often requires a monthly premium to be paid. Governmental healthcare programs, such as Medicaid, mainly do not require a monthly premium.

With health insurance, the medical bills first go to the insurance provider to pay the portion that your selected plan covers. It is essential to choose a health insurance plan that fits your pocket and your individual health needs by comparing health care plans and the benefits each offers.

Reasons for Getting Health Insurance

There are two main reasons to get health insurance even if you are fit and living healthy.

Preventing Illness 

The lack of health insurance will often result in people not seeking medical attention for minor issues or waiting longer than usual to seek treatment for a more severe problem, which is where Infinite Health chiropractors can help.

Health Insurance enables people to stay healthy and avoid getting really ill. It allows for easy access to find and pay for preventive and routine health care such as:

  • Annual checkups
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood tests and lab work
  • Scans and screenings


Early detection saves lives, and keeping tabs on your health can alert you to lifestyle changes required to prevent health issues such as cholesterol. Health insurance enables people to access the care they need when they need it without worrying about expensive treatments and hospital stays.

Routine health care is especially important for children, the elderly, and during pregnancy. Most plans also include benefits that enable people to look after their mental wellbeing, which is as important as physical health.

Affording Medical Care 

Taking good preventative care of your health could make a person complacent about the need for health insurance. It takes a split second to miss a step on a flight of stairs or not see a car braking hard, and in that split second, your whole life might change.

Suddenly you find yourself requiring specialized medical care, surgery, prescription drugs, lab work, scans, examinations, and possibly a lengthy hospital stay.


These medical expenses add up very quickly and can bankrupt an individual or force them to refuse the treatment needed to make a full recovery.

While in hospital, you might lose out on pay from work as well. Medical bills and loss of income are not the sort of thing you want to deal with while lying ill and injured in a hospital bed.

With health insurance, you have a policy that helps cover the costs and navigate the billing system.

Many private insurers offer plans for a wide range of income levels. There are government health insurance plans or subsidies available for those who need them so everyone can have health insurance.


Paying a monthly health insurance premium is more affordable than an unexpected medical emergency. Even if you do not use your health insurance often, it is good to know that it will be there when you do need it.

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