Why is Local IT Better for Boston Businesses

The pandemic challenged one of the most basic human functions, and that is to fight for survival. The economic sector is no different. If you are a Boston business owner, you had to think outside the box and come up with ways to keep your business still afloat while trying to grow at the same time. You had to pivot your employees out and invest in digital marketing. All of this was possible due to the phenomenal workings of the internet, technology, and appropriate software to handle all the virtual work. You had to use your time and energy smartly, concentrating on projects and ways to increase sales, but technology is a fickle mistress. It can crash when you least expect it. That is why Manage IT service is the best IT solution.

Managed IT Service Will Grow Your Business

When you decide to outsource your IT operations to a managed IT service, they will offer you a holistic service like:

  • Managing the helpdesk
  • Manage your server and network
  • Manage your Cloud infrastructure
  • Manage your Cloud application
  • Virtual CTO services
  • Cybersecurity management

While they take all these responsibilities off your hands, you have free resources to shuffle and have them work on more critical projects. It’s also more cost-effective than the alternative break/fix service because managed IT service is paid monthly. You can easily incorporate it into the budget. Whereas break/fix service, you have no concrete way of knowing how much you should budget to use their service that year. 

It’s All About Supporting Local

Your business is not the only one that was affected by the pandemic. Hundreds of Boston businesses are going through the same hellfire. Many small Boston businesses are hurting or standing on the brink of foreclosure. When you decide which managed IT service you want to use, why not sign the contract with an IT company in Boston? The owner and employees are part of your community; they can even be your neighbor. Supporting local businesses helps grow the local economy. For every $100 spent locally, $68 will stay in the community. The chances are that the local IT companies employees are already customers of your business. If your IT service is local, they will be more accessible to your company to assist with any hardware and software installments, making call-outs quicker and your downtime shorter.  

Your local community is what kept everyone together during the pandemic time. And now it’s time to pay it forward. You are busy getting ready to climb on the gravy train provided by the increase in online shopping demands. Still, you want to make sure that your IT infrastructure is geared up correctly to handle all the virtual work. The next logical step is to partner with a managed IT service to manage, fix and advise on the best software applications to help you achieve your goals. Who knows your business best and can predict what it will need more than those closest to you? Stay local. 

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