Why Electric Bikes Are Important and Why You Need One

Commuters now have a new favorite and that is cycling. When you commute on bikes, you can discover and expand new bike-lane networks that are a huge solution to traffic-related issues of big cities. While the number of cyclists is growing, advanced cycles are also invented.

Electric bikes are the latest edition to it; commuters find preferable for various reasons.


E-bikes are heavier than normal bikes because of their unique mechanism. Although it makes riding easier, yet at the same time, pedaling it is challenging due to the sans engine between steering and pedaling that makes the bike heavy. Moreover, e-bikes are equipped with a battery. So, when you ride the bike, the pedaling turns it into a workout.


Cycling can be a great workout for strengthening your body, but sometimes it can be a trouble when you are using the bike for commuting to work. Suppose you have to attend a staff meeting, and you arrive in sweaty clothes. This type of situation is enough to ruin your image. Electric bikes can save you from this mess factor. As there is a battery you can use, it will prevent you from doing the hard work of pedaling the bike.


36000 Americans lost their lives on the road in 2009. The death rate is horrifying. E-bikes, however, pose lesser risks than other vehicles. Firstly, an e-bike can never achieve to come anywhere close to the speed of a car. Moreover, while riding a bike, you are out of the direct path of cars, which eliminates the risks of colliding with one. However, that does not mean that you are 100% safe. You need to make sure to wear a helmet whenever you are out on the road. Apart from it, do not bike when you are drunk, do not wear earbuds on the streets and do not disregard traffic rules. 

A green option

A high level of air pollution happens from the harmful emissions of cars. However, e-bikes do not consume gas, but they are powered by batteries, so a lot less carbon is emitted from them. A study by the European Cyclists’ Federation in 2011 shows that e-bikes emit only 8.1% of CO2 compared to a car. So, riding bikes can create a huge positive impact on the environment. Transportation Alternatives showed in their study that 120 million pounds of CO2 emissions can be prevented every year if only 10% of New York City commuters decide to commute to work on their bikes. 


Commuting on e-bikes is a lot more cost-effective than driving a car. Firstly, electronic bikes are available in the market for a very cheap price; it ranges from $1000 to $4000. Replacing the battery of the bikes can cost you a few thousand dollars more, but if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that a lot of costs is saved. You will not have to pay bridge tolls or parking lot fees. You will never be given tickets for fine. Moreover, riding an electric bike does not need registration, special license or insurance in most states. Therefore, you can save the investment and operating costs. 

Final thoughts

The last point to be noted is that any kind of best hybrid bike under 300 is stable and controlled in motion now worse than cars. You can have a great workout by riding these bikes, and then, when you are tired, you can use the motor powered by a battery. Make sure to talk to a bike specialist at the store and try electric bikes before you buy one.

Author: Edward Roesch started riding a bike when he was 10 and since then he won a few local races and evolved my passion into professional interest.

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