Why Do You Need a Car Alarm on Your Vehicle?

Although most cars today already come with an alarm installed, they do tend to wear out eventually. A lot of people leave the broken or worn out alarm be, and don’t replace them, they think that their cars will be just fine without one! Well, even though there is a 50-50 chance that your car will still be okay, there’s no denying that it significantly lowers the security of your car!

If you’re one of the people questioning whether car alarms are still important, this post is for you! We’ve put together a list of reasons why you need a car alarm, even in 2021! 

#1: Helps keep thieves at bay 

When thieves are looking to target a car, they’re going to go for one that’s going to be the easiest to break into. If your car doesn’t have an alarm, it’s going to be an easy target and a thief can easily break into it, and escape with it before anyone even notices anything suspicious is going on! Loud alarms help deter the thieves right away because it attracts attention, which is bad for them, but great for the security of your car! 

#2: Protects the things inside the car 

A lot of people tend to leave their important belongings in their car thinking the lock on the door will be enough to protect them. Thieves know this and that’s why a lot of time, it’s not the car itself that they target, but instead the things inside the car! This doesn’t just include your laptop, phone and bags, but also the gadgets on the inside of the car like the stereo, the speakers and any screens you might have installed, they’re all at risk! But if your car alarm kicks in as soon as the car is tampered with, your car and everything inside it will be safe! 

#3: It usually comes with extra security features 

Car alarms nowadays are a lot different than the regular plain alarm systems that were used in cars back in the day. Now, you can even get ones that have trackers and remote immobilisers installed. Using the tracker and immobilizer, even if your car does get stolen, you’ll be able to track it and immobilize it from home! Making it a lot easier to recover the car than if you didn’t have the features installed! 

#4: Helps keep insurance costs low 

If your car doesn’t have a proper security alarm system installed, it’s going to be considered as a high risk vehicle when it comes to getting car insurance. This means that it’ll either create issues with you getting the insurance in the first place, or, even if you do get the insurance, you might have to pay a really high premium on it! Most Insurance companies will need you to have a security system installed and preferably by a professional. Locksmith Rochester NY, or a recommended locksmith in your general area will be able to install one for you! 

#5: Helps add value to your car
If you’re planning on selling your car, you’re going to have to figure out ways to add value to the vehicle so it sells at a better price! One of the best ways to do that is by adding extra features in the car itself. These can be little upgrades like adding ambient lighting, or bigger upgrades like getting a new sound system, an entire entertainment system, or even installing an up to date security system. All of these upgrades will add up and set your car apart from the rest! Adding value and raising its price!

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