Why Are Massage Guns Important For Sport?

There’s a new device in town for aching post-workout athletes, gym lovers, and sports fanatics alike, and it’s called a massage gun. If you’re unfamiliar with these magical creations, massage guns are basically handheld, super-powered versions of muscle rollers and other post-workout tools. They can be incredible for working out muscle kinks and helping you recover after a particularly grueling workout, but they’re also great for easygoing sessions and everything in between.

If you’re big on sport, you might be wondering what the benefits are of a massage gun. To put it simply, if you don’t have one of these in your arsenal – as a sportsperson, a physiotherapist, or anything else – then you’re missing out. Here’s our guide on why massage guns are important for sport. Remember – if you’re looking for guides on how you can decide which one to opt for, we’d recommend checking out a BestMassageGuns review, as they’ll say it better than we ever could. Onward!

Massage guns just work

Although the jury is out on all the different ways in which massage guns might work right now, the consensus is that they are effective for treating short-term muscle pain and ache. You need to know what you’re doing – applying a massage gun improperly might lead to doing more damage than good – but they are great for relieving muscle problems and for helping you get back into the action quicker. You should add a massage gun to your arsenal as a sportsperson simply because not doing so might mean you miss out on some all-important massage therapy!

Injuries in sports are common

In some ways, sporting injuries are perhaps more common than those sustained while simply running or lifting weights. This is because even if you’re not playing a contact sport, contact between players is almost inevitable from time to time, and when it happens, an injury is all too possible. While a massage gun isn’t going to magically fix your injury, it can accelerate your recovery if you use it well, and that’s almost priceless in and of itself. If you want to mitigate sporting injuries, then you’re going to want to add a massage gun to your toolkit.

Massage guns help with training

Training is, or should be, an integral part of a sporting life. That’s why a massage gun can be helpful even if you’re not using it to rehabilitate injuries or help you recover from a particularly brutal game. If you’re aiming for anything above amateur level, then you’ll need to put your all into your training regimen, and that’s where massage guns can come in. They can help to make your training feel a little smoother, because if you do encounter DOMS – that’s delayed onset muscle soreness, if you’ve never heard of it – then you can use the massage gun to speed up your next training session.

You can get cheap, effective massage guns

Perhaps you’re a budget-conscious physio or athlete, and you’re wondering if a massage gun is still worth your while. The good news is that it absolutely is; you can get lower-cost massage guns that perform exactly the same function as their more expensive counterparts. Of course, you may have to compromise on things like battery life or portability, but depending on your personal situation, that may well not matter to you at all. If you’re worried about breaking the bank, you needn’t be; a good massage gun doesn’t have to be super-expensive.

You won’t have to pay a physio – at first

Remember that we said massage guns don’t work unless you know what you’re doing? That’s true, and they will never serve as replacements for a dedicated physiotherapist or coach, but they’ll do while you’re in the early stages of your sporting career. If you simply can’t stretch to hiring an entire staff member to look after your physical well-being for now, then paying for a massage gun is a much better alternative, and it’ll allow you to stay in the game without needing to worry about prolonged injuries. Again, as soon as you’re able, it’s a good idea to hire a physio, but massage guns can be great interim tools.

Massage guns can replace a lot of equipment

In essence, massage guns perform a turbo-charged version of the kind of functionality you’ll often find in other tools. Foam rollers, handheld massagers, and other kinds of equipment can all be supplanted by the massage gun, and although you don’t absolutely need to get rid of your old kit, if you’re just starting out, it might be better to buy an all-in-one solution rather than build up a collection that’s going to take up space. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even think about selling the stuff you’ve already got to make room for a massage gun!

You can take massage guns anywhere with you

A huge part of sport, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, is travelling. You need to be able to get where you’re going if you’re going to take part in a sporting competition, and that’s why you need something you’re going to be able to keep in a bag or in your luggage. Massage guns don’t take up any space at all; they can be as compact as hairdryers, and the rechargeable ones can be taken with you from a hotel room straight to the pitch without needing to worry about finding a power source. Massage guns truly are an essential part of any sportsperson’s arsenal!

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