Where Are the Ants In My Apartment From?

If there’s an unexpected surge in the activities of ants in your home, you may wonder how that came to be. But usually, bugs sneak into an apartment through the most obscure and apparent entries. These could be your cracked walls, windows, doors, or beneath your flooring. Since the pesky pests constantly search for food and a dwelling, they can surface anywhere. And if left unattended, they can become a severe infestation concern.

Are you dealing with this problem in your house? First, it’s vital to pinpoint their hideouts and passages. That way, you can be a step ahead in getting rid of the annoying critters.

Entry Points of Ants in Your House

Ant invasion may seem unavoidable, especially during summer. You see them crawling atop your attic, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Then you keep asking how they get there. These are a few ant passages in your home you’re probably unaware of.

Wall Cracks

Ants are tiny creatures with flexible bodies capable of creeping into the tiniest wall opening. In most homes, numerous services appear in the walls around the door and window frames, electrical outlets, pipes, basement area, etc. You can inspect your home for these gaps and seal them off.

Doors and Windows

You’ll likely find ants in your house if you always leave your doors and windows open. We often do this to aerate our apartment or get fresh air. But this gives the nuisance pests an avenue to crawl in unsolicited.

You should watch for sucked-up moisture in wooden doors and window frames. That’s because water leaves the wood rotten over time, which might also harbor ants.

Gaps in Home Foundation

Cracks in concrete slabs are equally hiding places for ants in a house’s foundation. When they are present in your apartment’s structure, they could be permissive to these bugs. Eventually, you’ll notice them infiltrating your home. You must fix this issue as soon as detected to prevent serious implications.


Your carpets, tiles, marble, and wood floorings are places ants dwell. If you find them roaming around, underneath these ground coverings are plausible locations to check.

You Brought Them Inside

When you leave your home, ants might stick to your clothing or other accessories. Bringing these items into your space implies you’ve aided the incoming of the troubler pests. So when you’re outdoors, you might search these objects before taking them in.

How to Prevent Ants from Your House

You might have taken all precautions known to you. Yet, ant infestation proves inevitable. Regardless, you need to be proactive and treat the issue with urgency. Do the following to free your apartment completely from ants.

1.       Use sprays. After identifying the location of ants, use a spray exterminator on these corners to kill or chase them away. Also, sprinkle insecticides around entry points to stave off possible influx.

2.       Keep a clean apartment always. Declutter dirt, food spills, and crumbs to make your house unattractive to ants.

3.       Involve a professional. Contacting a pest specialist is a smart option when it seems you aren’t doing something right. Likewise, if you want to eradicate ant presence, reach out to a pest company.

Battling bug invasion is tiring and frustrating. So to lessen the stress and still intensify your precautionary actions, call an exterminator to your aid.

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