What to Consider When Doing Home Renovations



Home renovations can at times be quite a challenging project, but at the same time is often quite satisfying and rewarding. There are some people who may dive into the whole process of renovations without necessarily having an idea of what they are most likely to expect at the very end of the project. This may result in so much disappointment. Because of this, it is important to have proper preparations that will help in making the project that is being worked on as successful as can be. Discussed below are some of the most important factors that should be put into consideration while making home makeovers.


The reality on the ground is that the cost of making a renovation for a home is often not cheap. Because of this, it is very important for one to be able to have a thorough and realistic budget assessment before being able to start the renovation project. This should be done mostly in a bid to avoid drawing a budget that they are not able to achieve. One should, therefore, get a rough estimation of the costs that may be utilized, most preferably from a quantity surveyor like Property Returns Brisbane before any decisions are made.

Shalom Lamm actually thinks that it is very important to consider cost and make research on financial options that are as cost-effective as can be. It is important to spend about 45-50 percent of the budget one is planning to work with on materials, 30 percent on the labor that is going to be used and about 25 percent maximum on all the taxes, fees and other levies that may be applicable.

2.Rough estimation of the time it may take for the project to be complete

It is important to realize that the time it may take for renovations to be done to completion may at times go for longer timelines than that which had initially been planned out. Because of this, it is quite essential to try and make allowances and accommodations in terms of time, to avoid getting frustrated. Making timelines that are more realistic will therefore suffice.

3.Plan and schedule

While carrying out a home renovation, it is very vital to have a plan in place, as well as a schedule that will guide on what will happen when and how. This is mostly because the whole entire process of home innovation can at times get so chaotic and messy, since there is often movement of materials by tradesmen. With all the movement and overlapping of appliances and materials all over the place, a proper plan will definitely go a long way in helping to make things appear more organized. The schedule that is prepared, should be able to have an inclusion of the professional team that is helping with the innovation process. This mostly entails what this team will do in the house and the order of occurrence of the work that is supposed to be done. Shalom Lamm actually feels it is important to have the schedule because it often goes a long way in breaking the entire project into smaller phases that are easier to manage and work on.

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