What Does Your Contractor In San Diego Suggest For Deck Maintenance

In the summer, people come out of their homes and into the garden. Nothing compares to a relaxed afternoon on the deck in San Diego with refreshing drinks. The dry weather, however, creates a lot of dust, dirt, and debris, making the space an unsightly place to try to de-stress.

It’s only a reminder of more chores that need to be taken care of instead of enjoying weekend outdoor social events in southern California. Together with a deck contractor San Diego, regular deck maintenance doesn’t have to take up too much of your time or be incredibly cumbersome.

Care and upkeep can ensure the strength and durability of the wood material and keep it looking stunning, making all the effort worthwhile. Deck pros know the most straightforward, simplest practices to follow for the best results and can provide sound advice when yours is in need of attention.

Consider these suggestions if you’ve been putting off deck maintenance but need to bring back the integrity of your structure so you can enjoy the tranquility these outdoor living spaces can provide.

What Will A San Diego Deck Contractor Suggest For Maintenance

No one wants to miss getting out of the house when the warm weather comes around. This is why people build decks, patios, and porches. Go here to learn the differences between decks, porches, patios, verandas, and balconies.

Extending the interior to outdoor living space allows you to enjoy nature in an area you design for relaxation and tranquility.

After enduring a long hectic day, it’s unpleasant to walk out to encounter debris, dust, and dirt, typical for the climate in San Diego, something homeowners need to stay on top of with their care and upkeep.

Plus, if you’ve been too busy to maintain the structure adequately, it could be starting to deteriorate. A deck pro can inspect the material to ensure it’s still safe, durable, and strong and advise how to return it to its natural beauty. Let’s look at a few suggestions for maintaining your decking.

      A professional inspection is a wise investment

Before performing any care or upkeep, it’s wise to reach out to a decking contractor in San Diego to inspect the structure in sort of a preventive maintenance capacity. Inspecting the roof before each summer season is wise to keep it safe and functional from year to year.

The professional can check potential needs like replacement boards, loose hardware, and handrails and establish a checklist. This can include potential hazards that might have developed like:

1. Splintered boards

2. Warping

3. Mold

4. Water damage

5. Instability

6. Loose/missing hardware

Along with the list of what’s needed to bring the deck up to standards, the pro will provide tips on making the corrections. The expert will also let you know if it’s a lost cause making it necessary to start fresh with a new deck.

When you feel uncomfortable making repairs and lack the skill set or desire to build a new one, professional contractors will work efficiently and effectively. Check out informative websites and then follow some tips recommended for the DIY enthusiast.

1.     Replace damaged floorboards

Damaged planks must be removed by loosening the board from the decking with the nails pulled. Following this step, you’ll measure the new plank to fill the gap and cut it to fit. Once the new boards are all cut and placed, you can nail them to secure them to the structure’s frame.

In some cases, the frame itself or the structure will have damaged boards that must be replaced. Examine the hardware to see if the bolts, nails, or screws have come loose or are missing. These should be tightened or replaced throughout the entire body.

2.     Cleaning is essential

After the hardware and the damaged boards have been updated, replaced, and secured, it’s time to thoroughly clean the surface. The deck must be empty of all the contents, including furnishings, grills, toys, plants, decor, and anything sitting on top of the wood.

Most people use a pressure washer to cleanse the built-up grime and dirt. The cleaning solutions specifically for decks often contain unique ingredients that do more than eliminate dirt. These boast of preventing algae growth and mold, lichens, and other nasties that thrive in the wood.

These solutions present the best results when used alongside a pressure washer. After using the equipment, the deck should be allowed to dry thoroughly. That can take several days, depending on your location. In San Diego, the dry weather will speed things up.

3.     Scraping, sanding

If the deck was previously stained or painted, this old layer would need to be scraped off the surface to reveal the bare wood.

You’re then ready to sand down the surface with a rotating sander. This step is vital to eliminate splinters and prevent them from developing down the road. It also preps the wood for stain and sealant absorption.

The stain will come out more vibrant with extended longevity. This also allows greater potency with the waterproofing sealant and also a longer lifespan protecting the wood.

Final Thought

Professional deck contractors in San Diego recommend care in between annual cleaning for optimum deck care. Some steps to keep in mind throughout the year so professional maintenance sustains the structure for an extended lifespan include the following:

1. Change your layout on the surface every so often, including the furnishings and all the other decor sitting on the wood. It will prevent wear or deterioration in one area.

2. Ensure the surface is swept regularly to eliminate any dust, debris, or dirt that can erode the surface.

3. Use waterproof rugs instead of natural fibers since the raw material decomposes rapidly and takes the wood with them.

4. Do a self-inspection routinely, checking for damages, defects, or loose hardware.

Have the professionals inspect your deck each year to keep it summer ready.

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