What Construction Materials Can Be Recycled?

To construct new buildings and infrastructure, many aspects of construction rely on recycled material. Here are 10 construction materials that can be recycled:

1. Wood

Trees and shrubs that have naturally fallen or been cut down can be recycled into wood chips, which is then recycled further into new products such as outdoor fencing, garden planters, compost, mulch, and even aggregate materials used as a permeable road layer in landfills. Leftover branches from trees and prunings from shrubbery can also be recycled into timber for flooring, paneling or roof shingles. Wood is very versatile when it comes to recycling construction materials.

2. Glass

Depending on where you live, glass might not be recycled very often but there’s good news. It is recycled by breaking it down into cullet, which makes it easier to recycle and mold than if it were recycled in its original form.

3. Paper

If you’re building a new home or just doing some landscaping, recycled paper is always an option for adding more greenery and giving your home more of an eco-friendly presence on the block.

4. Metal

Metals like steel and aluminum can be recycled for years and still maintain their excellence and ability to do its job well. When recycled, this material can save you money while also protecting the environment from excess waste that would typically end up in landfills.

5. Plastics

Plastic has become such a popular product for construction workers that a lot of it ends up recycled in one way or another. It can be recycled to make other useful products, which is a great thing considering the amount of plastic that gets thrown away every year.

6. Concrete

After you get done with your home improvement projects, get rid of your pre-existing concrete by recycling it into something new. There are a number of recycled products that can be made from recycled concrete slabs that will give you even better results than if it were just left out in the yard to become a weed haven.

7. Asphalt

Asphalt is versatile and flexible but when need arises, getting rid of old asphalt surfaces is easy with recycled asphalt pavement. This recycled material has a high recycled content and is great for a number of different surfaces that aren’t asphalt.

8. Carpet

Recycled carpet often gets used in landscaping to create safer walking areas, while also creating a more eco-friendly environment. The recycled pieces get put together with adhesives, which means there’s no padding needed. It saves you money while also protecting the planet.

Many times in demolition and construction projects, the waste that’s created is composed of many different types of materials, not just one, so project managers assumed it can’t be recycled – but that’s often not the case! Construction and demolition waste management companies like Midwest Companies can help you determine whether your waste is recyclable, then also aid with the sorting, recycling, and even hauling your recyclables and your waste away.

Now knowing the different construction materials that are actually recyclable, you can look into waste management solutions that help you sort and save your waste materials instead of sending them all to the landfill!

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