What are the different kinds of rugs for your home?

There is no doubt that to complete the look of your rooms, you will need to have a floor rug. Have you ever seen a dining table without a rug underneath it? The room looks bare. The same will go for any furniture, such as your lounge chairs and beds. With rugs, the floor can be utilized for sitting, and it will also improve the comfort levels of any room. If you have hardwood flooring, a rug is a great choice for your bed rooms as it will give off a more cozy feeling.

There are many different ways to make a rug. Different colors, shapes, design, and materials. Because of this, it can sometimes be hard to choose one for your home. Shape and color can be decided according to the theme of your room and how much space you might have.

We were recently visiting Australia for style inspiration and in order to avoid confusion whilst picking out your rugs, or if you’re looking for style inspiration yourself – you can check this amazing curated collection from a local retailer! We will also explain some of our favourite types of rug selections below.

And Why!

1. Comfy Wool Carpets

Just remember, wool is soft and because of this these rugs are in our opinion the most comfortable and cozy choice for you to consider. Wool carpets are best for center rooms and for low traffic spaces. They show a casual, welcoming image in a room while looking absolutely perfect.

Because they are resilient, they are never a hassle to clean. A good quality wool rug will last you a lifetime because it is made up of original yarn.

It takes approximately 2-3 months to make a complete woolen rug, furthermore, they are being manufactured to worldwide market tastes and because of this they come in thousands of styles for you to choose from. Since they are made from natural materials, another great benefit is that you can rest easy knowing your wool rug will not emit any harmful or toxic gases. Nor do they burn long in the case of a hazardous fire because they are not treated with any chemicals during the manufacturing process, and wool itself is naturally a flame retardant

2. Beautiful Modern Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are a luxury option, they represent the classic look of where rugs first originated from in Persia. Complicated and breathtaking designs represent the smooth, antique look. Demand for these types of rugs has declined as of recently due to the colours used in traditional persian rugs such as reds and browns. Recently however, their popularity has surged as designers have found a way to give these rugs a ‘washed out’ look, still incorporating the complex patterns and designs but implementing a more tasteful colour pallette. The Persian rugs are either hand-woven or manmade, due to this reason these are the most expensive types of rugs. Often, people will look to invest in persian rugs as a store of value. Depending on the uniqueness of the rug, their value can easily increase with time provided they are not worn.

They have been in use the king’s palace for centuries, and since they have resurfaced with a modern take on them, they will continue to remain popular.

3. Warming Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are best for living rooms or a balcony, with a variety of shapes and patterns including runner rugs for your hallways. The natural look from the materials in these rugs are an ever increasing choice for consumers today. Natural Jute material is a popular choice for the Bohemian / Scandinavian look that is reshared thousands of times on Instagram. Natural Jute is often seen in circular effect rugs because of the way the straw can stack around on the next, creating a unique look. 

4. Polypropylene Rugs

These synthetic rugs are also very easy to use and can also imitate the image of natural fibers. Their best use is outside the house as a runner in a balcony or terrace. The polypropylene is also known as Olefin and is reasonable in cost, because of this we’ve included them as one of our choices. Being synthetic they can also be utilised as an indoor rug, giving them dual purpose as they can be placed pretty much anywhere. There are so many options in designs and patterns due to the easy way they’re manufactured, giving the rug maker the option to create so many unique designs without increasing their unit cost too much.

Although, the polypropylene does not last as long as natural woolen rugs, one can easily clean it with a vacuum cleaner without any surface damage and they are also very stain resistant due to the chemically treated threads.


Our selection of rugs will provide extra form and diversity to a bare floor, similarly walking becomes easier. Rugs will improve floor sound echo, they will also provide a covering shield for hardwood flooring. In cold weather the rugs insulate the heat and make the house warm and loving too. We love to make our rooms cozy with rugs!

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