The Millennial Minimalist’s Guide to Wearing Jewelry

As a proud Millennial, you’re on a journey of simplifying your life – and that goes for every aspect, from your home to your fashion. But while simplicity is the key word when talking about minimalist style, curating a look that’s chic and clean is not as simple as it may sound. You seem to gravitate towards clean, sleek lines, while forgoing anything opulent, extravagant or maximalist – and that ring particularly true when it comes to your jewelry game. If you’ve embarked on a mission towards elevated simplicity, but you’re not quite sure on how to rock minimalism like a pro, here is our easy to follow guide on how to wear minimalistic jewelry.

  1. The Classics Never Fail

If you’re fond of timeless lines and classic pieces of jewelry, upgrade your jewelry box with a few precious gems that stand the test of time. For earrings, pick a pair or minimalistic diamond studs, in a modern and minimalistic bezel setting. Alternatively, invest in a simple pair of dainty pearl earrings that carry the kind of versatility and chicness any minimalist should aspire to. Next, invest in a single pearl pendant necklace, with a pendant either set or dangling on a delicate cable chain. Not only will these type of pieces work in both casual and formal environments, but they will also curate a signature staple look for you, one you can sport for years to come. Side note: These classics are also great gifts for your close ones – a beautiful necklace for your best friend is never a bad choice.

  1. Make One Statement / Outfit

Opting for a minimalistic aesthetic leaves no place for a double fashion statement. Make it a rule to let either your clothes or a piece of jewellery Sydney make an impactful, visual statement and create a focal point for your entire look.

Whether said piece is your ample sleeve top or sleek bangle bracelet, the choice is yours.

  1. Stick to Clean, Sleek Lines

One of the main features of minimalistic jewelry is no other than the abundance of sleek, clean lines. Streamlined shapes, smooth surfaces, fuss-free aesthetics and a passion for simple elegance are the staples of minimalist bling, whether we’re talking about earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings.

  1. Stick to One Type of Gem

If you love gems and can’t picture yourself giving them up for the sake of minimalism, opt for jewelry pieces that feature one single type of gem, be it the case of diamonds, pearls, zirconia, amethyst or turquoise. Mixing and matching gems of different kinds will end up looking rather disjointed and eclectic – so if minimalism is the aesthetic you’re committing to, sticking to a signature gem works best.

  1. Limit Your Jewelry Pieces to under 5

Adorning yourself into a myriad of minimalistic jewelry pieces when you’re aiming for that simple, streamlined look sort of defies the purpose. Make a fashion statement by sticking to five or less jewelry pieces / outfit in order to achieve the desirable on-trend minimalistic effect.

  1. Geometry Is Your Best Friend

One of the top characteristics of minimalistic jewelry is its tendency to feature clean, geometry-inspired lines. Whether your bling incorporates karmic rings, squares, rhombuses or triangles (asymmetric, perfectly symmetric or slightly off-centered), Millennial minimalism welcomes all.

  1. Forgo Combining Metals

Two-tone jewelry pieces look tempting to you, but are they the definition of minimalism? Surely, not. While eclectic jewelry pieces are trending and having a moment in accessory design these days, minimalism is all about a curated look – and that applies to the materials of your bling as well. For a flawless result, stick to jewelry pieces that come in one metal, be it white or yellow gold, silver or other.

  1. Avoid Fussy, Intricate Deigns

Opulence and minimalism are practically antonyms, so if you’ve embarked on a simplicity route, make sure to stay away from intricate jewelry pieces that bring on the opulence, the lush and the fussiness. Instead, say YES to everything that follows simple, structured lines, clean cuts and surfaces and lacks in the ‘bedazzle’ department.

  1. Get Innovative

If you ever thought that minimalistic jewelry can get boring, here’s a simply trick: redefine the way of wearing it! Fond of delicate, dainty lariat necklaces in minimalistic lines? Opt for a backless frock and wear them backwards, in true ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ fashion. Loving your karmic rings? Spice it up by wearing them as pendants instead of as rings. Infuse creativity and innovation into the way you wear your jewelry in order to fully enjoy the minimalistic trend.

  1. Smaller Is Not Always Better

Minimalism comes with the widest range of dainty jewelry pieces, that’s true. But small is not necessarily imperative when going on a minimalistic route. In fact, you can definitely sport large, voluminous pieces of jewelry, as long as they follow the same simple, clean lines. Oversize sleek metallic bib necklaces, large but ultra-thin disk earrings and solid metal bangles in glossy finishes all make great pieces, ready to elevate your jewelry game.

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