Vacuum Compressible Carry-On Bag

The GOB∆G is a carry-on sized duffel bag designed so you can travel compact with all the gear you need. Its killer feature is the Max Pack Bag, which allows you to vacuum compress your soft items. This enables you to carry enough for a long trip in a 35 litre bag.

I like the choice of quality materials and the added features – just enough to be practical on the road, without sacrificing minimal aesthetics. The outer bag is constructed from only two pieces of TPU coated ballistic nylon, a material commonly used to make inflatable boats. The bag also has a 2 meter long, durable YKK zip which wraps around the whole bag, so you’ll never have to dig around at the bottom of your bag again.

And of course this carry on bag is the perfect size for 95% of the major airlines’ carry-on, even Ryanair!


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