UP™ ~ A Revolutionary System To Live A Healthier Life

Jawbone, who are well known for their products and services related to a mobile lifestyle, have recently launched UP. As the title of this post suggests, UP promotes healthy living and tracks your life to improve it all via a wristband and iProduct application. Basically your day to day activity is tracked, sleeping patterns, eating habits, etc and it tells you to not be such a slob, haha. Pretty cool stuff. I wish I had this now, it would probably tell me to get out on a Friday night and not sit infront of my computer… oh the irony.


UP is a revolutionary system (wristband + iPhone app) that tracks your daily activity and inspires you to live healthier


UP tracks your daily activity and reminds you to move when you’ve been inactive.


UP tracks how much and how well you sleep and silently wakes you at the ideal time.


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