UMBRA ~ The Needle-less Sundial Wall Clock. Say What?!

Using 2 LED strips, an inner strip consisting of 24 LEDs and a outer strip consisting of 12 LEDs, the UMBRA clock creates a sun dial right in the wall of your living room. Such a unique concept and beautifully minimal design this is something we’d really like to see with our own eyes.


UMBRA is a clock which takes us back to traditional system of sun dials. The clock works on the principle of shadow and lights. As kids we were always amazed by the change in our shadow lengths according to the sun position. Using this principle, by using TWO LIGHT sources which creates TWO SHADOWS, time can be communicated by altering the shadow length.


UMBRA visually defies the language of a normal clock. Its not a flat block which fits onto the wall. It has a volume and a poetic approach to it. It could be placed vertically or horizontally as it has a layer of gecko tape behind. UMBRA could be made in different colors and also colored light sources.


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