TZOA Environmental Monitoring

If we’re talking air quality monitoring then we usually think of stationary devices, but what if you could take a reading of the air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV light strength everywhere you went, whether by on foot, car, or by bike? In theory it would be sort of like an environmental fitness tracker designed to keep tabs on the “health” of the world around you. The clip-on TZOA Enviro-Tracker is built around the premise that we should know just as much about what’s outside as we do about what’s happening in our insides.

TZOA could similarly aid wearers to avoid unhealthy zones, notify them it’s time to crack open a window, or time for a break outside. A realtime environmental report created by the accumulated data uploaded from other TZOA further improve the accuracy of a technology which turns every wearer into a freelance weather and air quality reporter. Those interested in the technology can direct themselves over to the TZOA website where developers will begin accepting pre-orders, then shipping Q4 in 2015.



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