Turntable Station

If you own a turntable aka record player and are a collector, this will be certainly something for you. The team over at Turntable Lab recognized there wasn’t all that much in the way of furniture designed specifically for turntable gear at an affordable price, so they designed their own: the Turntable Station by Line Phono.

The Turntable Station is designed to accommodate many of the more popular turntable models and accompanying accessories, including the larger Technics 1200, mid-sized models like the Pro-Ject Debut series, and smaller entry level turntables like the Audio-Technica ATLP60. An additional smaller shelf underneath the turntable platform fits an amp/pre-amp and other playback accessories.

The 4-tier shelf is made with vibration-dampening MDF, available in two colors (Natural and Carbon). An interlocking design makes piecing together the 50lbs Turntable Station out of the box an easier affair than your typical IKEA furniture (“roughly 15-20 minutes” assembly time).

Small touches like the rubber feet, LP cover display grooves, the station’s optimized height, and a hook for headphones all make it clear some time was spent thinking about turntable user’s needs beyond providing a surface. Each of the larger shelves can hold up to 100 records (200 total), making the Turntable Station a solid starter piece.

The Turntable Station by Line Phono is available for a discounted pre-order Kickstarter price of $349, shipping this November. More details at Line Phono.

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