Trending Living Room Designs of 2021

If a person is looking to redo their living room or if they are looking to update the designs in the living room there are some trends that they need to follow. Shalom Lamm knows all about the trends when it comes to living room design. Lamm knows that a person can have fun with the living room designs. There is some information on the latest living room design trends.

Add Color

It is okay to make the living bright. There are many bright colors to select from. Blues, oranges, and other bright shades will help bring new energy to the room. There can be color accessories added to give the room a touch of life. People want to follow the color trends and they will be surprised at how easily their room comes to life. If a person does not want to add bold colors to their whole living room they can use a touch of color against a neutral background. They can put some blue fabric on the wall and this will stick out with the neutral colors in the room.


In addition to color, patterns can be used in the room. A bold pattern on the upholstery will give the room contrast to the rest of the home. The curtains can also have a unique pattern. This will help give the room some character.


Wood can add some natural beauty to the room. It will also give the room a feeling of warmth. Wood is making a comeback. Some many sizes and patterns can be used for flooring. Extra-wide boards are becoming popular.

Different Finishes

Shalom Lamm believes that texture can bring life to the living room. It can make it feel like home. There should be several contrasting textures from the walls to the furniture. There should be rough and smooth textures. When it comes to colors there should be both gloss and matt looks. This will allow the room to have a lively feel. These textures can be used to accent neutral tones which are associated with living rooms.


Florals and this pattern are in right now for this trend. They can add an element of nature to the room and will allow the room to have some new dimensions. There are flowers patterns and looks that are being added to the room that has a more natural feel. Poppies, buttercups, and foxgloves are the current floral prints that are being used. They grow in the wild and will bring a touch of nature to the living room. There are many floral items that can be added to the room. Fresh flowers are also commonly used in the living room.

These are some of the features of a modern living room. Trends are always changing and these are the trends for the moment. This will help a person keep their living room fresh and exciting. This is the room of the home where the entertainment happens so it must be lively and welcoming.

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