Top Tips To Successfully Plant a Tree

Trees are essential to life on this planet. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, the opposite of humans. That’s part of the reason why both species flourish. Concerns for the environment are also one of the reasons why more and more people are planting trees at home. They are doing their bit to save the planet.

But, did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to plant a tree? You can either educate yourself or get Round Rock tree service to plant trees. If you do choose to plant the trees yourself, here are some top tips to help you get it right:

Locate Your Utilities

You may already know what utilities run under your yard. If you don’t check your house documents, ask the local authority, or have a survey completed of your yard. 

Knowing where any utilities run means you know where you can’t plant. You don’t want to damage a sewer pipe while planting your tree!

Doing this will eliminate undesirable locations and help you to choose the right spot for your tree.

Dig The Hole

The next step is to create a hole for your tree. It is possible to dig a shallow hole by hand. But, especially if you have tough earth, it’s a good idea to use earth augers. These are effectively large drills that bury into the soil and create a hole. Pick the right size auger and you’ll instantly have a hole deep enough and wide enough for your tree. 

Planting The Tree

With the hole read you’ll want to pour a little water into it, this will moisten the soil helping to make it receptive to the new tree. If you’re worried about the soil having enough nutrients you can also add some tree nutrients to the soil.

Now, carefully cut the container away from the root of your new tree. The aim is to do this without damaging the existing root structure. 

Once you have the tree in your hand you can gently lower it into the hole you’ve created. Make sure you assess the height. The tree’s roots should be hidden and the trunk above ground. If you need to dig a little deeper or add a little bit of soil do so.

Then position the tree again and release. It should stand straight by itself.

Fill The Hole

You can now gently fill the home and tap the earth into place. You want it to hold the tree firmly in position but don’t push so hard that you may damage the tree roots.

If you don’t think the tree is sturdy enough then add a stake to give it some support. 


You’ll need to check the instructions with your tree but most trees will benefit from a light watering. It’s a good idea to repeat the process every day, ideally first thing in the morning before the sun gets hot. You’ll need to do this for a week or two to ensure the tree takes to its new environment. If you need help with any of this, there are many Orange County tree services that would be happy to assist.  

It’s also a good idea to check the soil daily and ensure it remains tightly paced. Once you’re happy the tree is sturdy and capable of surviving by itself you can stop watering it and cover the area around its base with mulch. This will help to keep unwanted insects away and boost the nutrients available for the tree.

Finally, sit back and watch it grow over time, allowing it to become the magnificent specimen you originally envisioned.

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