Top Tips To Help You Choose An Awning For Your House

An awning is an excellent choice for your home. It allows you to use the outside space and benefit from shade against the sun or protection from the wind. It can also be a stylish addition to your home and even add value.

But, before you can have your awning fitted, you need to choose the best possible one. Fortunately, these tips will help you to do that:

Manufacturer Reputation

Before you start looking at the awnings on offer, you need to look at who is manufacturing them. It is best if you have already heard of the manufacturer. If not, ask friends and family, you can even turn to social media to find out what other people think. The bottom line is that you need to know the manufacturer has a good reputation, produces high-quality awnings, and is good at dealing with queries.


The next step in the decision process is to decide what size of awning you want. The weight of the material is held by a metal bar that bolts to your home. This means that most awnings can only extend four meters from your home. This is also approximately the largest width possible.

You can get smaller, you simply need to decide how big an area of shade you wish to have.


The color of your awning is an important decision. In general, you want it to be bolder than the color of your home. This will help it to stand out. Naturally, there must be a balance between this boldness and the color scheme of your garden and even the neighborhood. In other words, take your timer looking at different colors before deciding which one you like the most.


Not all awnings are made with the same material. You will need to make sure that your material is designed for outside use. It’s also a good idea to think about whether you are after sun protection or rain protection. The two materials are different and it is important to get the right one.


An awning can be a simple straight bar that extends, slightly downward, away from the house. This allows for rain to come off the awning.

But, you can also get different shapes, such as a ‘v’ shape. Take a look at the different offerings and consider which one will look best and give the most amount of shade/weather protection.

It’s also worth taking a moment to look at the angle of the awning. The steeper the angle the less shade it will offer although the rain will fall off easier. However, a steep angle will offer more shade inside your home which could be a good thing on a hot summer’s day.

Retraction Method

Most awnings can be either manually wound in and out or they can be moved with a switch that activates the electric motor. The electric option is generally more expensive but less stressful to use, making it a worthwhile consideration.

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