Top secrets to Writing Successful Essay in 2020

Most students run into the writer’s block issue when it comes to academic writing. Some of them lack confidence in their writing and creative skills, while others have no time to complete the task on time. 

Yet, academic writing remains a significant part of every day assignments for both high school and college students. So it is crucial to be aware of the main insights on writing a successful essay. 

A perfectly-written paper is not always a matter of sleepless nights or a professional essay service, but of following a few simple steps. Whatever your essay volume and formatting style requirements are, our tips will come in handy for both newbies and experienced writers.

Make a draft

When starting to write an essay, most students expect it to be perfectly-written from scratch. Yet, even experienced book authors start their writing with an outline. So be ready: you would need to review and edit your work a few times before the submission.

As soon as you receive your task, and get familiar with the subject, draft your main thoughts and ideas. An outline will give you a direction and help you define its central thesis. Besides, a draft will guide you through critical points while writing an article. Once the key thesis of your essay is formulated, verify a solution to the issue you raise.

If you still do not know where to start and cannot afford pro essay writing service after making a draft of your ideas, then make a plan for an essay. It is supposed to reflect the structure of your work and define its framework. Although it may change in the course of the project, an outline is still the vital component of a well-written essay.

Write an attention-getting introduction 

A well-written essay is supposed to catch the reader’s attention from the very first sentence. A striking introduction is an efficient tool to establish trusting communication with the reader.

It should be written in a way that will entice your teacher until they finish reading the essay. You can start your essay with the main idea or a catchphrase. 

Both introduction and conclusion have to focus on the central issue of your essay. Represent the main thesis of your work in a way to engage a potential reader to the problem you display in your work.

Follow an essay structure

Once you determine the essay’s type and outline to follow, you are free to move on to the main points, such as title, introduction, main body, and conclusion. Whatever an essay’s subject is, ensure you follow the strict essay structure. Otherwise, your work may earn a low grade.

Connect essay parts in a natural way

Apart from following the essay’s structure, it is vital to connect all parts naturally. Each part of your article should move smoothly to the next one.

Linking words and topic sentences are two main tools that will come in handy. Focus on your paper’s main idea and ensure the introduction, main body, and conclusion follow the required paper style. 

Use linking words and topic sentences 

Linking words and topic sentences are essential elements of an essay that bind all sentences together and form a logical sequence of your thoughts. Use a specific vocabulary that’s supposed to help you express your thoughts consistently.

Avoid complicated, uncertain, and restrictive constructions while working on your assignment. Ensure all sentences are clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Avoid claiming basic facts

Most academic essays are limited to a certain number of words. Therefore, you need to manage paper volume wisely. It means refusing some ideas or details, especially if they are not relevant. Ensure facts do not distract the reader’s attention and obscure the main subject of the essay.

General, evident statements have no value, but rather reduce an essay’s quality. Check if all facts in your paper are concrete and add cogency to your arguments. 

Build strong arguments

When focusing on work, keep in mind that your main task is to convince the audience that the proposed viewpoint is justified. The matter of the well-written essay is not only a literate manner but reasonable and argued ideas. 

Your thoughts have to be accompanied by evidence, so the argument should come after the thesis. All ideas you compose in your writing should never sound unsubstantiated. Each viewpoint has to be arranged in a separate paragraph. Support your essay with solid arguments, good examples, statistics, etc. Your writing should reveal that you are confident about the central thesis. Don’t forget to explain how the evidence in your essay supports it. 

Present the right conclusion 

The purpose of the introduction is to attract the reader’s attention. At the same time, the conclusion should provide an overall vision, encourage thinking, and leave no doubt regarding the relevance of the ideas expressed in an essay.

At the end of the essay, it is worth making the right conclusions for each statement presented in the main body. Apart from a problem solution, a well-written conclusion may also give statements that will inspire and motivate the reader to action. 

Avoid plagiarism 

The number one requirement of most teachers is unique content. Yet, most students are stuck with plagiarism when it comes to submitting their writings. 

When using external sources, make them a matter of inspiration and make sure you don’t copy the author’s full sentence. Don’t forget to leave the citation at the end of the idea or fact. 

Review the paper once you’re done 

Careful editing will boost the content quality and lead you to high grades. Make sure the paper is clean from grammar and spelling mistakes. Yet, don’t think you can limit yourself to the spelling check. Review the essay a couple of times and ensure there are no ambiguous expressions, weak arguments, etc.

Wrapping up

Writing a good essay should never be a problem for a modern student. Your primary goal is to express thoughts distinctly and provide irrefutable proof of their correctness. Some students continue using essay services to get their papers done, while others follow these useful recommendations to boost their grades right away. The choice is yours, so go ahead and do all it takes to get the highest grade for your essay.

Amanda Dudley is a content manager at EssayUSA. She has a vast wealth of experience in providing engaging academic-related content for college students. Along with her esteemed team, Amanda is focused on improving the college experience for students struggling with their academics. She regularly provides useful tips and life hacks that every college student will find useful.

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