Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Moving Company

Before hiring a moving company, ask questions. Try to establish the experience of that company. Asking questions will eliminate surprises and make the process smooth.  Understanding the company you are hiring is important. Here are the top questions you should consider asking your moving company.


Before getting into the finer details, try to understand the company you are about to deal with. So, ask questions that can help you determine the type of company you want to work with. Here are a few questions to get you started.

What’s Your Experience?

Experience matters. Thus, ask about the experience of your company. Look for a company that has been in business for a long time. With an experienced company, you can be sure of high-quality services.

What Are Your References?

Choose a reputable company. Ask the company to give you references to its past clients. Request for online testimonials. Read reviews from past clients. Contact past clients and ask them about the services of the company you intend to partner with. Remember, you will be entrusting all your goods to the company. So, hiring a reputable moving company is of paramount importance.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Ask the company about licensing. Does it have all the necessary licenses to operate? What about the insurance policy? Is the company bonded? Licensing proves that the company is legally operating. On the other hand, insurance protects your goods on transit in case something happens.

Do You Have Any Documentation Before Moving?

It’s also important to ask your moving company about its commitment, moving itinerary, as well as contracts. Ask them what you should expect and the timelines. Also, understand what you should sign before moving.

How Is The Moving Cost Determined?

Ask the company about the costs and other additional expenses. Also, don’t forget to ask the company how it calculates its costs. Try to establish if there are any other additional costs.

What About The Extra Fees When Handling Oversized Items?

Ask the company about additional costs for oversized items. If there are costs associated with oversized items, let them let you know. This will do away with surprises on a moving day. Ask them how the cost of oversized items is determined. Don’t forget to ask how these items will be stored and loaned into the tricks. This includes large items like furniture.  Avoid companies with high fees when it comes to handling oversized items.

Do You Have Additional Packaging Services?

Ask the company about its additional services. For instance, does it provide additional packaging services? Also known as accessorial charges, these packaging services range from unpacking, crating, to appliance disconnection. The company will add these charges to your baseline moving charges. So, it’s important to understand these charges before sighing any contract. Avoid companies that charge exorbitantly. If you want the best moving services, hire Bellhop. The company offers premium moving services at affordable costs. The company doesn’t impose extra hidden fees. 

The Bottom-Line

The above are questions you should ask before hiring a moving company. These questions will help you get the right company and have a smooth moving process. Happy moving.

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