Top 8 Uses of Vacuum Cleaner in Daily Life

Cleaning is undoubtedly a very hectic process when it comes to daily household chores. It gets tough to remove the debris from the floors, sofas and other upholstery and various surfaces of our homes. Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner is one of the saviours to make the work efficient and easy. 

Vacuum cleaners have considerable applications in daily life as they are one of the essential cleaning tools. Each of the applications requires a certain different type of vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning.

So here is the list of different types of the vacuum cleaner and their utilisation in various fields in our everyday life:

1) Upright vacuum cleaner

These vacuum cleaners are commercially used in hotels, foyers, schools, cafeterias, meeting rooms etc.

2) Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

These vacuum cleaners are most effective in small areas such as the corners, stairs, car interiors, floor spills, cracks etc.

3) Canister vacuum cleaner

Most effective in cleaning the house floor spaces and other accessories such as carpets, rugs, bare floors and pet hair removal.

4) Robotic or automatic vacuum cleaner

They are multipurpose vacuum cleaners and operate in houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, workshops etc.

5) Industrial vacuum cleaner

These vacuum cleaners have a widespread application in various areas such as automotive, agriculture, chemical, buildings, textiles, manufacturing and other areas such as aviation, maritime, healthcare etc.

  • Moreover, two types of vacuum cleaners that prevail in the market are Bagged and Bagless.
  • Bagged vacuum cleaners are the basic ones, whereas Bagless vacuum cleaners are the upgraded version of the conventional vacuum cleaners. 
  • Bagless vacuum cleaners are more preferred as they come with improved technology and don’t have bags for collection of the dirt, making them easier to use, and it doesn’t require a bag replacement. 
  • Though Bagless vacuum cleaners are a little costly, it’s worth the amount.

These amazing appliances use suction to capture dust and debris from all around the house and other places of their use. 

They act on the similar principle of generating negative pressure utilising a fan, entangling the sucked-up dirt, clearing the exhaust air, and discharging it. It will make the world a much messier place if we don’t have these vacuum cleaners.

Most of the chores require a canister or upright vacuum that comprises a hose and various accessories or a separable portable hand vacuum instead of a normal upright vacuum cleaner. Certain household chores utilise a small handy vacuum for cleaning purposes.

Vacuum cleaners are a useful home appliance that keeps our home neat and clean and free of allergens. Through the years, vacuum cleaners have unfolded to be quite convenient to use and carry around. Days are gone when vacuum cleaners were extremely heavy and bulky and made a lot of noise. 

So we have coupled here eight stunning uses for your vacuum cleaner in our daily lives

1) Clearing tough spots and spills

  • Vacuum Cleaners is easy to move as they are lightweight; even elderly people can easily use them for spot cleaning spills. 
  • Several vacuum cleaners can be easily altered into light and handy devices that are cordless and operate on battery. It makes it easy to clean hard to reach surfaces as there is no hassle of dealing with multiple cords.

2) Inbuilt filters in vacuum cleaners help clean the indoor air and wipe out small particles from smooth surfaces.

3) Vacuum cleaners help us wipe out pet hair that sticks to the carpets, coverings and falling over the floors and upholstery like your pet’s bedding and your quilts before hurled up in the washer as excess hair in a washing machine lead to clogs, leaks, and water pumps to spill.

4) Control insects and germs to spread: Our mattresses generally have dust mites that feed on our skin cells, so vacuum cleaning is a great way to remove these germs and fleas.

 A vacuum cleaner hose and other tools are also a considerable means to catch and take hold of spiders or mosquitoes that gather in ceiling corners.

5) Vacuum cleaner aids to prevent house fires as it wipes off excess lint from the dryer vent system and the dryer.

6) It’s easy to reach out the corners of your houses with the help of the height-adjustable design of the vacuum cleaner; the height-adjustable bar makes cleaning a convenient task without any displacement in your furniture.

If something got dropped like a tiny earring, pin, or any other accessory behind any hard to drag furniture, grab it with the help of your vacuum.

7) Allergen-free environment: Keep the window sills and the crevices between outdoor meshes and window panes from collecting allergens by vacuuming regularly—the dust brush fixture to vacuum window and door screens to get rid of pollen and mud.

8) Vacuum Cleaner has varied application in the kitchen 

  • Vacuum cleaner aids to remove dust from the refrigerator coils and its condenser. 
  • Vacuum covers up the spaces between appliances and countertops with the vacuum crevice tool and keeps crumbs under control and helps deter insect infestations.
  • After operating an automatic oven cleaning process, use the vacuum to seize any ashy debris.

Coming to the end

If you’re searching for a vacuum cleaner with ease of use, handy and which occupy less space, then Dreame T20 vacuum cleaners are ideal for households with multiple uses to make your work easier. 

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