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Top 3 Ways to Improve Mobile Restaurant Ordering Experience

Ordering food from a restaurant through your mobile phone is one of the most popular ways to order food. Not only does it cut out the need for a middle man, but it makes life a little easier. 

Yet, life can only be made easier if the mobile ordering experience is seamless. If you feel that your mobile ordering experience could be improved, here’s how to achieve that. 

Utilize In-Store Features

Users of mobile ordering apps, no matter the service, will want to have an in-store experience. This means that all features should be included that you can have in-store, such as fast payments, customer service, and easy browsing. 

Once these features are installed, they need to be seamless. Brands should regularly update their technology so that it is fast and reliable. You don’t want your customers getting frustrated whilst they order and end up canceling. You will lose customers and find that nobody will use your mobile food ordering service. 

When ordering food, customers might want to customize their order how they would in the restaurant. Thus, this is a key feature to include and make sure it works well. 

For instance, you could add the option for the customer to write their customized order in a text box. Or, you could allow them to remove and add ingredients for the restaurant staff to see. 

Your customer will want to be able to use the app to replicate their restaurant experience. So, if you can ensure they have easy customization features, full menus, and fast payment methods, it will keep them satisfied and coming back for more. 

Loyalty Rewards

When a customer is rewarded with loyalty points that lead to freebies or discounts, it will encourage them to keep coming back. Retaining a reliable customer base is crucial for your company and its finances. Thus, if you can offer small rewards, you will satisfy your customer and keep them happy. 

To keep the customer even happier, these loyalty rewards should be easy to find within the app. They might want to keep an eye on their progress. Seeing that they have one coffee left to order before getting a free one might encourage them to come in and keep ordering. 

If you also offer an in-restaurant service (so you are not just a takeout restaurant) then you will want to ensure that the customer can use the loyalty rewards program there too. You will want them to be able to collect points each time they dine with you, whether it’s a takeout or at the table. 

Use Your App as a Marketing Tool

To keep your customers engaged and coming back for more, you should use your mobile food ordering app as a marketing tool. You could enable push notifications to remind customers of new releases and discounts on food. 

You should also ensure to integrate engaging and visual content. A plain and dull app will not keep customers engaged. You may lose their interest and spend money on an app that is never used. Thus, ensure it is as engaging as the in-restaurant experience. 

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