Top 3 Art Museums Around Toronto

Art is one of the most important parts of life because it allows us to connect to our fellow human beings and feel their experiences through the things they create.  Whether you’re new to the Toronto area, or you’ve lived here for years and want to get the most out of the city while you’re here: these are some of the top art museums in Hog City and why they matter so much.  

Why Art Matters in Toronto

Art matters everywhere: but it’s especially important in Toronto!  This city has the highest population of artists anywhere on Earth and has also been rated the most diverse city in the world multiple times.  Because of this, it’s a city that breathes art, allowing you to take in constant creativity, from the streets to the museums, with every view and piece more inspiring than the last.  

Getting to go to galleries gives you the chance to take your time and really enjoy the art, making the most of it like you would if you were shopping for real estate in Toronto.  These galleries are must-stop locations for any art fan.

Art Gallery of Ontario

This art gallery is in the Grange Park neighborhood in downtown Toronto: and takes inspiration not only from Toronto but also from the indigenous people who have lived here and the global market.  Rated the third most visited museum in the nation and within the top 100 galleries in the world, this collection is stunning.  

With live music, fantastic drinks, and food booths, you can enjoy perusing art while you take in an incredible atmosphere.  Some have said it’s expensive to visit, with tickets at $20 each, but it’s worth it for such an interesting experience.

Gardiner Museum

A multimedia museum, Gardiner offers everything from paintings to sculptures and incredible rotating collections that will stun anyone who visits.  Thousands of pieces are on display to mystify and amaze everyone that walks through.  This is an incredible place to see textile artworks, sculptures, pottery, and other forms of art that aren’t usually so beautifully displayed.  If you’re inspired while you’re here, consider enjoying one of the many ceramics classes or lectures!  While here, enjoy lunch in the bistro and gift shop within the museum.

Bayramov Museum and Durdy Bayramov Art Foundation

This must-see museum in midtown Toronto is gorgeous inside and out.  Art is displayed at its best viewing circumstances, with some cast in mid-shadow and others angled how you’d see them in their original placement so that you can take in the pieces how the original artist would have wanted you to.  

Each of Bayramov’s pieces is gorgeously created, with images ranging from portraits to still-lifes and other beautiful pieces.  Although it is dedicated to one single artist, you can feel a sense of growth and change as you walk through the Bayramov Museum and Durdy Bayramov Art Foundation, with inspiration, easily found here. 

Toronto Understands the Importance of Art

From having the highest population of artists on Earth to the incredible art that’s on the streets and in the average home: there are countless reasons why Toronto is an art capital.  Visit and check out these incredible museums so you can feel the inspiration as well! 

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