TONE Factory Minimalist Turntable

Back in the day a turntable was mostly simply a device to play your vinyl, but in a minimal space it’s also an audio compenent likely to be left out in the open within the home. Tone Factory’s Tone minimalist turntable fits perfectly in a minimal apartment or house, because it’s a fabulously designed vinyl player!

Most components like the motor, the integrated phono stage, and the Bluetooth module are stored within the chassis, which gives it a slim profile that looks sophisticated from all angles. The TONE’s belt drive can easily switch between playing either 33 and 45 RPM records, with a simple electronic switch control; OFF is in the middle, right switches to 45 PRM, and left is for 33 RPM playback.

The TONE was crowdfunded succesfully through Kickstarter, with first deliveries scheduled for June 2020. If you missed the campaign, you can find more information here.

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