Titanium Pocket Bit

Big Idea Design’s Titanium Pocket Bit is a clever and discrete way to carry a screwdriver on you at all times. The grade-5 titanium bit is threaded through the center with a grade-2 titanium ring, which can fit onto (or replace) your existing key ring.

Each bit has a #2 Phillips head on one end and a 6mm flat head on the other, and you can choose between a round or hex body when purchasing. As long as you’ve got your keys with you — and why wouldn’t you? — you’ve got a handy tool for fixing issues, opening packages/boxes or cans of paint, and popping off the occasional bottle cap.

Here’s a short, 20-second preview of it in action:

Get the Titanium Pocket Bit for $12 at Big Idea Design. If you’re outside the US, order one from their international site.

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