Tips for Winter Tree Care

As winter approaches, consider hiring a trusted tree service in Snellville for maintenance. While trees are usually sturdy and tall, they need care to help them survive the cold months. It is advisable to ensure your trees are in tip-top condition throughout the winter, hence the need to invest in a trusted tree care company. At Sesmas Tree Service, we have a team of professional arborists ready to protect your investment.

Despite the many challenges associated with tree care in the winter, it remains the best time to prune to prepare for spring. Trees are dormant in the winter, making it the best time to be proactive about maintenance. Here are tips to help you take better care of your trees before you get far into the season.

Get a Tree Inspection

Cold weather is tough on trees, as it weakens their immunity, making them susceptible to diseases and pests. The snow and ice also fill the tree’s bark and branches, increasing the rate of deterioration. A tree inspection protects trees from damage and reduces the risk of limbs breaking. A good tree service in Snellville can identify minor signs of a potential problem and recommend a solution based on the severity. When you hire us to maintain the trees in your backyard, we inspect everything from overall health to potential hazards. You can count on us for efficient and safe tree removal services if a tree is seriously damaged.


As mentioned, trees are dormant in the winter, and the cold air protects them from infections. Pruning is an excellent way to eliminate damaged or dead branches, eliminating potential safety hazards caused by falling limbs. If trees are near structures, you can prevent costly damages and injuries by working with a trusted tree service in Snellville. The risk of a tree removal emergency is higher if you have deciduous trees. Hire a professional tree care company to leverage their standard industry tools and pruning techniques.

Mulch Before It Freezes

A 2-3-inch layer of mulch before the winter goes a long way to ensure your trees don’t freeze. In addition, mulch helps keep moisture in the soil to nourish your plant during dormancy. Before applying mulch to your bark, consult a reputable tree service in Snellville for professional help. Our experienced arborist can recommend the best mulch for your trees and schedule follow-up inspections to ensure the roots are not exposed.

Protect Vulnerable Trees and Plants

Deciduous trees lose their protective canopy, which leaves them vulnerable to snowfall. If you see the trees in your backyard shedding leaves, you need to have a professional inspect them. The last thing you want is to have vulnerable trees exposed to the cold for a long, making them susceptible to frostbite or sunscald. Trees are a valuable addition to any landscape and deserve professional care and maintenance throughout their lifespan.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule an appointment with the leading tree service in Snellville. We guarantee quality services at competitive market rates. Please don’t wait until it is too late to prepare your trees for the cold season.

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