Tips for Finding a Healthy Balance Between Time Spent Online and Offline

We live in a very digital world, and for some, their digital world has taken over their in-person world. Social activities, work, play, friends, and dating can all be done online from the safety and comfort of home. However, this has created a loss in real activities, connections, hiking, seeing the sunrise, kayaking, walking on a sand beach or along an ocean path. The problem with spending time online is that time can quickly get away from you, and instead of checking your email really quickly, you spend three hours watching TikToks. Set a timer to keep you mindful of how much time you’re spending with your Smash community online.

Some have rejected the digital world and refuse to participate in social media and online activities. While they feel they are getting the most out of life by staying in the real world, they are also missing out on information, interactions, and opportunities that are at the very least initiated online. You can go online to research your next adventure to Maine, Mount Desert island, or Jordan Pond. The key to health and happiness is finding balance. Here are three tips for balancing your time spent online and offline.

Make a bucket list of things to do offline.


Sometimes the problem with spending time offline is that you are at a loss for what to do with your time. Making and keeping a bucket list of ideas will give you something to always refer to when you are looking for something to do.

You can research things to do in Acadia National Park and decide if that is a place you want to visit one day. You can bike, visit lighthouses, go somewhere to eat fresh lobster right out of the ocean, kayak, stay at a campground, hike Cadillac mountain, try snowshoeing, eat mussels, hike the wonderland trail, see harbor seals in Bar Harbor, go to Otter Point and Bubble Rock, stay up late to for stargazing, travel New England and see a glacier, and visit all of the national parks.

Your list should include both expensive, cheap, and free activities. It should also include activities you can do at your home, in your community, and far away. The more options you have, the better prepared you will be to do something regardless of how much time or money you have. There is so much to do and see in North America—you can travel for the rest of your life and still never see all of it. Throughout all states, there are visitor centers filled with maps and brochures of places to go and things to try. They are a great place to learn all the best things to see.

Prioritize your time while online and offline.


Whether you are online or offline, prioritize your time. Make a to-do list of things you want or need to get done and set a timer to help keep you on track. For example, you may want to hop on Hotspawn to check out the latest news on Ally Smash and CaptainZack, but then you need to move on to the next tasks instead of getting lost in updates and information. You can check in on tournament organizers and the Smash community to see what everyone is saying.

You can do the same with offline activities. Create a schedule and make reservations for hiking, campgrounds, and a picnic. Choose the best time for you, the best time for high tide or low tide, the best time for ice cream, and hitting the nightlife in downtown Bar Harbor. When you schedule things, you make them a priority.

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