Tips for Choosing the Right Slip and Fall Attorney in Boston

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slip and fall accidents account for close to 8 million emergency room visits in the United States. This makes them one of the leading causes of hospital visits in the country.

Most of these accidents are caused by the negligence of property owners and their failure to provide safe conditions for either their employees or the general public. Some common causes of slip accidents include wet floors, uneven floors, missing handrails, torn carpets, and poor lighting, to mention a few.

Depending on the type of slip and severity of the injuries, a fall accident victim can sustain spinal cord injuries, head injuries, hip fractures, broken bones, and more. Fortunately, a fall accident lawyer can help you, the injured person, seek legal action against the negligent actions of a property owner. To pursue a fall claim, you’ll need an experienced fall attorney, and below, we explore three things to consider when choosing one.



To get the best possible outcome for your personal injury claim, consider working with a local personal injury attorney. This is because a local fall attorney will have a better understanding of the local laws as they pertain to personal injury law. If your accident occurred in Boston, find a slip and fall attorney in Boston. Besides being well versed with Massachusetts law such as the statute of limitations on fall lawsuits, an experienced Boston slip lawyer will also be familiar with key personalities in the Massachusetts supreme judicial court, which could work to your advantage.

Area of Expertise


Most personal injury attorneys specialize in certain areas of personal injury law, so not every personal injury lawyer may be experienced in slip and fall cases. Work with an experienced slip lawyer who already knows the field so that you can benefit from their years of experience. During your consultation, an experienced Boston slip lawyer will review the details of your accident and let you know if the fall accident case is worth pursuing.

If it is, they’ll let you know what your legal options are and the documents you’ll need to build a strong case. Depending on the type of injuries you sustained, they’ll also be able to give you a ballpark figure of the amount of compensation you can expect and how long the claims process will take. Some of the damages that fall accident victims can expect to receive full compensation for include loss of income, medical expenses, and ongoing medical treatment.

To further get an idea of how much experience they have in litigating fall accident cases, also ask the lawyer to share client testimonials. You can also find these on their website.

Legal Fees


Before hiring a fall attorney, make sure you understand how their attorney fees will be paid. Common payment models used by fall lawyers include flat fees, referral fees, hourly rates, retainer fees, consultation fees, and contingency fees. Most personal injury attorneys charge on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don’t have to pay any legal fees upfront. Instead, the lawyer fees will be deducted from your settlement.

If your attorney refers you to another Boston slip attorney, they may ask for a portion of the total fee you pay for the case. With an hourly rate, your attorney will charge you for every hour they spend working on your fall case.

It’s important to note that most Massachusetts slip lawyers charge different fees for various tasks. For instance, they may charge separate fees for the initial case evaluation and trial appearances. As you’re still in the process of looking for an attorney, consider working with an attorney who offers a free legal consultation.

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