Tiny Attic Apartment in Paris

This lovely renovation of the 161-square-foot apartment is a proof that there is hope for any space, however tiny, to be livable and chic. Studio Batiik transformed a dingy old attic into a light and beautiful pad, inventive in its flexibility. The kitchen is raised above the main level, providing an ample space to hide the bed and free the room for dining and entertaining. When the bed is away, the kitchen counter unfolds to fit four guests comfortably. It is even possible to hide the bed half the way, add pillows, and turn it into a lounging spot. Every bit of non-slanted wall is used for storage. The tiny space next to the bathroom houses a small desk, with the natural light coming from the window. See the photos after the break for a full tour. (via)

tiny-attic-apartment-02 tiny-attic-apartment-03 tiny-attic-apartment-04 tiny-attic-apartment-05 tiny-attic-apartment-06

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