Thinking Through Your Plans for a Custom Home

It’s safe to say that a sizeable portion of us envision a dream home of some sorts – every part of the floor plan meticulously arranged and every single detail handpicked by ourselves. In essence, in an ideal world, we’d all own a house that’s as much a part of us as we’re a part of it.

This desire fuels many people to actually go through with designing a custom home from basement to roof. It’s no small undertaking, however. The bounds of the imagination must mesh with the practical considerations of reality, with any seemingly minor decision causing huge ripple effects if not understood properly. Planning is essential with a custom home if you’d like the perfect result.

Here are a few things that go into planning your custom home:

Understand your lifestyle.

Mainly, what we would like to explain here is that no matter how you cut it, you’re going to have to live in this home you’re planning, so practicality is a must. Any ideas taken from a magazine, or say, a Salt Lake City home builder, should match up perfectly with your actual lifestyle. Consider how far you’d like your kitchen to be from your bedroom, for instance, as well as other future lifestyle changes. Will you at one point want to bring kids or a pet into this household? Perhaps you want to ensure you have the right amount of space for guests, don’t you? All of this needs to be carefully understood, so you don’t end up with any significant omissions in your final home plan you might not spot until it’s too late.

Satisfy the priorities first.

Making a custom home will quickly introduce you to the limitations of both your budget and what you’ll be able to fit in any given amount of space. Before figuring out extras that will serve as the icing on the cake, make sure that all of your priorities are properly accounted for first. Understand where you’ll spend the most amount of time in your home and how you plan on using all of this space. Only after you’ve dealt with all of the things you need for bare contentment should you start getting fancy.

Find good contractors.

However good your home looks in your head doesn’t always translate into how good it looks in real life. Choosing the best contractors in your area who take pride in their work is essential, as an ability to follow precise details is much more necessary in the custom home-building, compared to a company that has a certain degree of standardization in how they build homes. Get references, make calls, do whatever necessary to make sure the people laboring on your custom home are as committed to your vision as you are.


An entirely custom home isn’t one of the easier paths to take in life, but it’s certainly one of the most powerful ways to take control of your environment for a 100% perfectly tailored lifestyle. Many people find that the layout of where they live can have a huge effect on their mental well-being, with some having serious difficulty truly putting a dollar amount on that level of peace of mind.

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